Compare and Contrast: Two powerful unfolding narratives


Lotus, in Green Acres Village pond.

Remember “tests” in school that asked us to compare and contrast two situations of one kind or another? The exercise was meant to assess our capacity to discern differences. But seldom did it really matter. This does.

We face two very different futures, occurring simultaneously. Does this mean that those who speak of parallel Earths are correct? That one cannot co-exist in the same “space/time” as the other? I have no idea.

If I pay attention, and “stay local,” then I sense we are co-operatively enacting the second alternative, Eisenstein’s emerging story of “interbeing,” here in the Green Acres Village and Urban Farm. So grateful!

Again, if I pay attention, and widen my perspective, then the first alternative, where we who consider ourselves separate from Nature proceed to extinguish all Life — and hardly notice! — looms large, and heavy in my heart.

I see places like our little Green Acres as lotus pods, sprouting up everywhere, out of the muck of the dissolving capitalist matrix, feeding on its remains, but deeper: we are learning to both commune with and access the mysterious power of the Earth; we are inviting Her to teach us how to Live.

Both these posts are deeply enlightening; when read together, they invite us to learn to enlarge our potentially infinite awareness to hold the realities of both Death and Life at once.

Mass Extinction and Mass Insanity


You Are the Universe: Transcending the Separate Self





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