On “Deadline” Day: Still Standing at Standing Rock

Update: Wow! Just in! Army Corps Denies Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline.

I feel sorry for the police in North Dakota. Can you imagine trying to do your job when more and more, it becomes obvious that your job is to “protect” corporate greed? As one veteran put it, the police are doing the job he was doing when he was in active service — protecting the corporate greed of big oil.

Can you imagine standing out there in the biting cold for days upon end, hoping that the Injuns would just get tired and go away? But they don’t get tired, and they won’t go away. They are not concerned for their own comfort, but for the seventh generation, and for all Life on Earth. For them, the issue is simple: WATER IS LIFE. How many of the rest of us perceive the world in such starkly elemental terms?

It’s obvious where our transformed set of values need to come from. Finally, after hundreds of years of being killed, marginalized and ignored, the fierce gentle aboriginal way is ascendant, and even the disgraced MSM is paying attention.

Let us rejoice.


Well, no wonder! One story says 5000 veterans have now arrived at Standing Rock.

U.S. Veterans Form Human Shield

BTW: I read somewhere that the North Dakota has backed off threatened $1000 fines to those coming with supplies. But can’t find the reference now.

Another post has protectors gifting supplies from their camp, which they note, is full of abundance, to the police! Magnificent.

Standing Rock Sioux Offer Amazing Lesson in Compassion — Donate Supplies to Law Enforcement

Dennis Kucinich wrote a letter of praise to the Veterans, and admonished:

Please hold the line, but do not cross it.

As you support and protect the prayerful, non-violent lead of the spiritual leaders of the tribe, the elders, you will ennoble this great cause and set the stage for a great transformation in human relations.

My wife and I look forward joining you on Monday.





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