It’s the day before T-Day and all through the house . . .

Chaos reigns! But never fear, we’ll have this dining room table cleared by tomorrow . . .


Son Colin Cudmore and I drove 18 hours nonstop yesterday (what fools!), while listening to Graham Hancock podcasts on academic politics surrounding catastrophism vs. uniformentarianism, alternating with discussions about the dynamics of human relationships. Colin drove the entire distance. I sat in the co-pilot seat with puppy Shadow on my lap and fitfully attempted to doze.

We started out at 10:15 AM and got here, Acton Mass, at 4:15 AM today. Exhausted. Holed up at son Sean’s house, with him and his kids until probably Monday morning, and then another 18-hour endurance trip back to Indiana.

Colin’s upstairs taking his first power nap of the day. Sean went to pick up 16 year old Kiera from school (they had a half day). I can hear 13-year-old Drew’s audio from whatever screen he’s got on in the living room. Waiting for Sean to return, with Kiera and their big gallumping pup Lily, who wants to play with Shadow in the worst way, and Shadow just won’t do it. Acts like a cat around Lilly, hiding under things and growling when Lily, whining and eager, sniffs in too close.

Aah! Sean’s home, and the kids agree to hold the dogs . . .


I can just hear Shadow imploring: “I had to spend 18 hours in the car just to get to a place where you then put me through this?”

At some point during the weekend, we will go see the new film “Arrival,” since we’re all fans of the larger picture. Speaking of which . . . Sean and I were at a natural foods market this morning, with all the others hustling and bustling to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I wondered out loud to him: “Imagine how many heated post-Trump political conversations will either be held or avoided at tomorrow’s big event!” Yes, let us imagine families all across the U.S. using this day to either fracture into smithereens or consciously agree to love each other no matter what.

This morning, I got a fb message from friend Brandon David who was surprised that I had signed a petition and shared a post. I looked at the post. What? I didn’t share that, and I certainly didn’t sign the petition either. I wondered how such a thing had happened, and then discovered that my sister Kathy had sent this very url to all her siblings saying they might want to sign it. Somehow fb automatically picks up my emails, falsely claims that I signed a petition, and and shares that petition without my permission? Wild. In fact, not okay. Here’s a bit of the ensuing thread:

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-1-17-44-pm screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-1-18-52-pm

Also at the market today, Sean and I decided to get two large roasting chickens rather than a turkey (they didn’t have any turkeys), with the caveat that it had to be okay with the kids.

Kiera: “I don’t care.”

Drew: “I don’t care; just so we have mashed potatoes and gravy!”

Colin: “I’m with you, Drew. And I’ll make the gravy.”

Oh, and BTW: we did do the flash mob job in Green Acres, the evening before driving here, sheet mulching a portion of Carissa and Logan’s front lawn: we layered straw, then chips, then manure, then leaves. Took about an hour, five of us working with three wheelbarrows in the gathering dark. Shared work = shared fun and expanding camaraderie.




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2 Responses to It’s the day before T-Day and all through the house . . .

  1. CindyW. says:

    Yes, and a troubling trend is starting, to label alt news websites as “hate” oriented – Bloomberg’s Nexus is blocking searches for Breitbart News (while conveniently not informing people that Steve Bannon worked for GOLDMAN SACHS and made money from the SEINFELD Show when he was in Hollywood, since the hidden meme seems to be that he is “anti-Semitic”). I may not like the guy or everything he does, but I don’t have to assign labels to him! And I read elsewhere that ZeroHedge is being considered as one of the “fake news” websites – yes, they do sometimes allow posts of less than factual material, but not everything on this Wall Street-affiliated libertarian site is “fake news,” just because it criticizes the PTB!

  2. CindyW. says:

    Apology for factual inaccuracy in above post – it was AppNexus, the advertising aggregator, which blocked Breitbart, not LexisNexis (Bloomberg owned). But I was alarmed that the MSM would begin with its character attacks in order to pre-empt any discussion of substantive issues, like the economic nationalism that Bannon says he espouses, in an interview with Michael Wolff of the Hollywood Reporter … the MSM silence any discussion of globalization or financialization with accusations of bigotry … meanwhile, happy travels, Ann, and thanks for reminder of purported origin of Thanksgiving.

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