Trump’s Triumph? Trump’s Trial.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-58-30-amPlease remember: every commentary that we taste these days, or any others, is but that, a morsel, a tiny teensy tiny bit of the fissioning/fusing whole, a scintillating point within a constantly mutating infinite space that if looked at close too, dissolves into yet another space, another infinity. There is no Standing Rock to stand upon. We are temporary inhabitants of a vast living spherical being, floating majestically through the void, in tune with other vast beings, other voids. So forget about trying to “prove” anything, any “point of view.” Whatever are your assumptions, these too float! There is no bottom. No beginning and no end.

So play with it, baby, play!

That said, two (limiting) perspectives follow.

The first one interests me because it echoes what I think: that we need to learn how to cooperate, and post-election that means come together and back President Trump in his best efforts to shift the course of this Imperial Titanic we call America. If we just block him, ridicule him, feel superior to him, all we do is continue the political/philosophical stalemate during an existential moment of great peril to Life on Earth.

Can Trump Succeed


Rather than thinking about how we might profit from the Trump administration, we should be asking ourselves how we can help him to succeed in liberating his country from its own imperialism, in order to put an end to a unipolar world and the «Wolfowitz doctrine» – or how we can substitute cooperation for confrontation.

While the US Press speculates on the possible nomination of personalities from the Bush administration to the Trump administration, we should be anticipating the political role that the commercial executives of the Trump Organisation will have to play. They are the only ones he can trust.

We should also take into account General Michael T. Flynn who, although he is a Democrat, was Trump’s main advisor on foreign policy and defence during the campaign. A Commander of Military Intelligence, from the first Geneva Conference to the conquest of Iraq by Daesh, he has never stopped opposing President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Generals David Petraeus and John Allen, and Jeffrey Feltman, concerning the use of jihadists and terrorism in order to maintain US imperialism. Whether as National Security advisor, director of the CIA, or Secretary of Defense, he will be the best ally for peace in the Levant.


This next post puts Trump in its author’s version of an historical perspective. 

“Grey Champion” Assumes Command, Part I


To those who have never read the book or understand generational theory, they are appalled I would declare Donald Trump as the Grey Champion. They interpret the word “champion” as having a positive connotation. It has nothing to do with whether the Grey Champion is a good person, moral person, or likeable person. It doesn’t even have to be one person. Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams, both from the Prophet generation, are considered the Grey Champions of the American Revolution Fourth Turning. One was a diplomat who used his guile and cunning to propel the revolution forward. The other was a firebrand, in the mold of our current Donald Trump.

In most cases the Grey Champions are not revered or glorified until decades after the Crisis is resolved. Lincoln was and still is despised by just about everyone living south of the Mason Dixon line. Outraged businessmen attempted to convince Smedley Butler to lead a coup against FDR. Large swaths of Americans believe he is responsible for creating our welfare state and the unfunded liabilities which are playing a large part in this current Fourth Turning. The unintended consequences of decisions made in previous Fourth Turnings often become the catalysts for the next crisis.

The Grey Champion or Champions are Prophet Generation leaders who command respect due to their age, attitude and warlike demeanor. They were born shortly after the previous Great War Crisis and became the narcissistic young crusaders during the Awakening, driven achievers during the midlife Unraveling, and principled moralists summoning great deeds during the next Crisis.

They tend to inspire through their words and rhetoric, rather than through grand deeds. They are human beings, and as with all humans, they exhibit both positive and negative traits. Prominent positive traits include being principled, resolute and creative. Detrimental traits include being narcissistic, presumptuous, and ruthless. The Grey Champion arrives when the situation looks grim and the people need a jolt of courage to meet the frightful challenges ahead.

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