Good News, Indiana!

In this “flyover” state, known for Vice President-Elect Pence and a supposed preponderance of rural rednecks, urban farmers and rural farmers are partnering where needed: the first to feed a food desert,

This urban farm will feed an Indy food desert

the second to help a fellow farmer in need.

Farmers take in harvest for grieving grandfather

This is the way the U.S. used to work. Remember “barn raisings”? We used to connect with each other, cooperate with each other, “get ‘er done.”

I would love to see more of this kind of post than the usual ones in the MSM which, pre- and post-election, have not just reported on, but actually appeared to foster divisiveness and conflict rather than harmony and cooperation. Let’s move away from (fake) “news” = “bad news” to REAL news = good news! We all know damn well that good news springs up all around us all the time. Let’s focus on that, encourage that, lean into that. For our own good!

BTW: A bunch of Green Acres neighbors are going to sheetmulch part of the front lawn of Carissa and Logan’s house across the street on Overhill. 6:00 p.m. sharp, this evening, to spread materials on cardboard. Be there or be square!


See the trailer at top left? It’s full of manure from the horse farm outside town that Rebecca got this morning. We will layer with both the manure and some of the piled chips from a downed tree. Though we won’t start until it’s almost dark, it shouldn’t take very long.


I will have to leave at 6:45 p.m., for the library downtown, where I’m participating in a meeting of the Bloomington Permaculture Guild.

The energy inspired by the national shock of Trump’s ascendancy keeps rising. What are we to do with this aliveness coiling through us? The choice, to hate or to love, is ours. NOW. Let’s go.

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