Sunday School: Fundamentalism, ET Secrecy, Steven Greer on False Flag ET Invasion, Fred Burks on the Big Picture

Want to spend your Sunday educating yourself? Well then, study the components of this post. And, if you’re like me, keep opening your mind wide to further possibilities all the while attempting to discern for yourself what is “real,” what not.

Above all, let’s not close our minds. That leads to fundamentalism, a set of limiting beliefs closed to further information — what I call a “conceptual helmet.” For one culture of fundamentalism in America, see this:

On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t the Problem

I watched about 2/3 of the following Greer video during my wakeful period starting at 2 A.M. last night. Enough to know that he still assumes that all ETs are benevolent, no matter what else others may say. Indeed, Greer claims that abductions and other phenomena that seem to point to the presence of at least some negative ETs are actually faked, by the government, with “small men” dressed up as ETS!

On the other hand, I very much appreciate Greer’s incredibly fine-grained analysis of the complex, intricate ways in which we have all been hoodwinked ever since 1947, not to mention the shock value of the ultimate grand con game that his analysis points to:  the coming False Flag ET Invasion, for which we have been primed by decades of scary movies and official ridicule. Why? Just as General Smedley said about wars on earth, that they are all rackets, this new cosmic war would be war’s apotheosis, guaranteeing vast new profits to aerospace companies, weapons manufacturers, and banksters, while providing the scariest possible scenario to usher in the globalists’ wet dream:  New World Order.

Even so, pace Greer, I tend to agree with Fred Burks of, that there are a few ET societies that are not benevolent. And that we need to be aware of this, while working with each other and benevolent ETs to both expose the false flag “alien invasion” scenario and create the loving compassionate society that we all know is possible.

Fred gives his interpretation of the Big Picture here:

A Speculative Look at the Big Picture of Life in the Universe

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