Trump, Putin, and “draining the swamp”

Check out this synchronicity — recent arrests for corruption in both Russia and U.S. — especially since Trump has just chosen “Russia Loving” Michael J. Flynn as National Security Advisor.

And see peace activist David Swanson’s compilation of Flynn’s off-the-cuff remarks that he will either live to regret or use to adviseTrump.

Michael J Flynn Should Remember Truths He Blurted Out Last Year

P.S. According to spiritual geopolitics pundit Lada Ray, Russia’s Putin has been working slowly for years to drain the swamp of the corrupt oligarchy that filled the vacuum in the ’90s created by the fall of the Soviet Union. Might something be beginning to occur here in the U.S., with or without Trump? And might President Trump accelerate the process?

Putin Makes His Move! Russian Economics Minister Alexey Ulyukaev Arrested for Corruption 


Valaent Tumbles on News Philodor Executives Have Been Arrested in “Fraud and Kickback” Scheme

Okay, so that’s my relatively benign view of the possible trajectory of President Trump. Not that I don’t have my own suspicions otherwise. Basically, I’m out here in the heartland, trying to make sense of events without getting dogmatic about it.

Here are two videos that, to me, identify two different ways of holding Trump’s feet to the fire, which, obviously, we must do. The first, by Alex Jones, still “believes” in Trump’s promise. The second, by Cenk Uygar, does not.

In any case, this is not a time to sit back and cynically watch “what happens.” We are part of what happens. Let each of us ignite the courage to enact the purpose for which we specifically, were born during this perilous time when we could so easily extinguish all that remains of Life on Earth.

Alex Jones has been a big Trump supporter, but here he warns him to deliver on his promise to drain the swamp.

Clinton’s Begging Trump to Stop the Investigation of HIllary through Chelsea

Cenk Uygar has what is likely a realistic view of what Trump — or any President in this bankrupt, deadlocked, corruption-riddled system — can do.

From my notes: Three years in, we will have an epic, constitutional disaster. Trump is a strong man, like Putin. He knows no bounds. He gets away with stuff, and very often goes over the edge of what is lawful. Within three years he will be intensely unpopular. “Trump is so incompetent, there’s no way he’s not going to botch two or three huge things in three years.”

Result? “Four years from now we will be at a boiling point.”

In other words, regarding “draining the swamp,” whereas disciplined (dictator?) Putin seems to pulling it off, wild man Trump won’t be able to. Unless of course, he takes notes from Putin. And learns chess, and martial arts . . .





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3 Responses to Trump, Putin, and “draining the swamp”

  1. Kate Ferrell says:

    This is a prediction 3 days after the election? I have no doubt that we are going to be disappointed by something President Trump does, or maybe many things. But he is not being fair!

  2. I too am open to any and all possibilities, but in a society that holds “greed” as a virtue and Trump certainly is a poster child for that… one can not expect too much.. we will probably just exchange one group of rascals for another. Makes me think of Frederick Bastiat’s book The Law, post French Revolution… a concept he calls “legal plunder” what you do is against the law, what we do is legal.

  3. @EdGibney says:

    Draining the Swamp is a misunderstood metaphor. We should study the swamp and drain it of the pollution we’ve put it in. Here’s how, using best practices that have been proven to work in the private and public sector:

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