The series “Election Reflections” now has its own Page

Sunrise, at sea. Or is it sunset? And do we know? We really are at sea.

Sunrise, at sea. Or is it sunset? And do we know? We really are at sea.

2016 Election Reflections: 19 Days

Why did I give this series its own Page? Not sure. Probably because I sense that the import of this election will reverberate for years, just like the December 21 2012 date did, for New Agers who assumed the world would miraculously right itself when the Mayan Calendar ended and began again. I gave that countdown its own Page, too.

12 Days of Christmas, 2012

Oh, and then there’s the countdown to the year 2000. Remember that? Y2K? I wasn’t blogging then, so I didn’t keep a record of my own ongoing perspectival shifts, except that I will say here: my husband Jeff (who died in early January 2003) told me that he didn’t know if the computers would work or not. And he’s a computer geek! So when the sun rose that fabled morning, and we watched our sun rise from east to west in country after country all over the world, and we were all still here! And computers worked after all! And there were blessings, countless ceremonies in culture after culture!

It was on that millennial morning that I felt that this century would bring harmony, peace. That we would make it through whatever the dark days to come.

Are we at the lowest point now? Who knows. These years truly ARE our dark night of the soul, and I, along with many many others, are holding us earthlings, and dear Earth herself, inside my broken heart.


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