Post-Election, Day Nine: When I close this series of 19 days

On October 30 I wrote a post and titled it, 

Nine Days Away, and Counting: Let us “influence” this election. Let us show what we’re made of.

That turned into a series, counting down to 1, and then zero — Election Day itself.

November 8, 2016: This E-Day is also V-Day

I thought I would be done then, but I was not. The next day I found myself titling a piece,

Post-Election, Day One: The Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

deciding then and there to make this a longer series, posting for nine days on either side of Day Zero.

Why did I do that? What was (and am I) thinking? Well, this series creates one small ceremonial way for me to pretend to “make sense” of momentous events, and the commentary written about them. It offers a ritual, a cycle, one that happens to be 18 days plus 1, or 19 days altogether. My birthday is December 19, 1942. I’ve long known that in numberology, the number 19 is a karmic number, that it signifies power misused in the past that needs to be rectified.

So it seems fitting to me, somehow, that I chose a 19-day ritual to signify, symbolize my own evolving response to what is occurring in our nation and on the Earth. When left brain analysis doesn’t work, when it’s faced with an impossible task . . . and are not all attempts to plumb the meaning of events doomed to failure? Only if time stopped could we possibly wrap any event into some kind of interpretation that made sense “for all time.” But time does not stop. And time comes in cycles, small ones nested inside larger ones, on and on, there is no end to it.

So yes, this right-brain way of working with the election of our lifetime made increasing intuitive sense to me; this 19-day series, from this one person’s central placement in a cosmos which has no circumference so the center is everywhere; we are all, from our own point-of-view, standing in the very center of the universe.

In the following, an excerpt that talks about the numerological meaning of the number nineteen, I am stunned by its relevance to NOW. And yet I have to ask myself, does this meditation on the number 19 refer to Trump, or to our nation, or to the Earth, or to myself? And isn’t this always the question? Whatever or whoever we think about The Other is always colored by who we are. There is no other way to perceive. No all-seeing eye. Just here and now and always, continuously, changing, with every breath we take, every heart beat.



The Ancients called this the ‘Number of Surrender’ as your life needs to link up with the Universal Life.

The number 19 is an endurance vibration. It brings everything into focus, winds up old accounts and starts off anew. People influenced by the number 19 can be completely self-absorbed, are usually extroverts and are often egotistical. They can also become dependent on others and will find that there are many obstacles in their path until they learn to balance their needs with the needs of others.

Not exactly an easy number, number 1 represents ‘new beginnings’ and number 9represents ‘endings’. When number 19s have determination to erase past mistakes they then develop their true Spiritual character with unshakable faith and a philosophy that will sustain them.

A lover of travelling to unusual places, success and even fame are often seen with this number. However, they need constant encouragement. Stubborn and independent, this energy excels anywhere they can show their leadership qualities.

Those born on the 19th will be sensitive (to the point of hypersensitivity), but may achieve fame in an unusual field.

19 / 10 / 1 relates to an experience you have chosen on your path that cannot be avoided. It gives you an opportunity to stand on your own two feet and says that you will need all of the positive traits of 1 through to 9 to get through the experience.

In relation to the number 19, you are asked to use the courage, independence and leadership qualities of the 1 to create the humanitarian concepts and brotherly love of the 9 for all humanity in every endeavour that is on your life path. There has been an abuse of power in a past life, and this present life has brought you to this place to create balance for yourself and others in this experience.

Projects that were started lifetimes ago will be finished under this number. It is the winding up of old accounts both in past lives as well as in this present life. When this goal has been attained, there may be a feeling or urge to work with groups of people, pooling your energy with others, instead of working alone.

19 / 10 / 1 sets up a situation we cannot escape from until we have paid our debt in full. This number teaches us not to ask of life any more than we are prepared to pay.


As for the continuing aftermath of this historic election, I leave you with one final referral. And it’s an appropriate one. Because we do hang in the balance. All of us. All life on Earth.

Power is in the air. How shall we use it?

Who Will Win the War Between Trump and the Neocons?

BTW: Donald J. Trump, born 6/14/1946, has a “life path” of 22/4. Look it up. It’s a master number: The Master Builder. I suggest that we wish him the best. 


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