Post-Election, Day Seven: All the good news!

Well, not all. Some. And we do need some. Here goes.

Kids Win the Right to Sue the U.S. Government on Actions Causing Climate Change


This Montana story follows on the heels of both Wisconsin and Minnesota pulling back police from Standing Rock.

Montana Governor says he supports halting the Dakota Access Pipeline

More good news re: the environment:

Levels of Mercury in Atlantic Tuna Rapidly Declines

Why? Because “U.S. federal regulations have cut down on mercury emissions from industrial smokestacks.” Trump, please take note as you think about ripping up environmental protection laws..

Here’s one that might prove interesting in the long run. Assuming Trump tries to follow through with deporting “2-3 million criminal” illegal immigrants, will local power begin to defy federal mandates? Because that is, ultimately, where I think we’re going, towards a radically de-centralized world, a bottom-up world, where power is ultimately sourced inside the single, sacred individual.

LAPD will not help deport immigrants under Trump 

And, despite the scare stories about neo-cons joining his foreign policy team, Trump continues to confound. All the MSM news carried the following story, and I did not see a single headline that made fun of it. Wow! Have all the MSM decided to revert back, a la the New York Times confession, to “honest” reporting?

Trump and Putin speak by phone, say they’ll work together to improve relations


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