Wow! MY enormous, portentious Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon Morning

Well, well. I wondered how this Full Moon exactly conjunct my own natal Moon would play out, and so far my world feels bursting with blessings.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of the Full Moon last night, though it was way after dark, and no doubt when on the horizon would have loomed much larger.

This morning, even at 7 A.M., it had already set below the trees in my neighborhood, though I could detect a faint glow.

Right before the actual time of the Full Moon (8:52 AM), puppy Shadow and I started on our daily morning walk. And guess what? Despite the fear-mongering that courses through the body politic, despite the nearby Brown County church that was defaced, and the swastika and KKK painted on and along the B-Line Trail here in Bloomington, my own experience demonstrates the all-powerful alternative to hate.

All along my walk through campus this morning, chalked messages:

You are not alone.

You are loved.

You are valued.

Love trumps hate.

Furthermore, each time I came across a hate message, someone else had crossed it out and substituted a loving message.

Furthermore, on this particular morning walk, during the duration of this extraordinary Full Moon, many more passers-by than usual greeted us with a grin, a big smile, a hello, a “your dog is adorable,” “he’s so cute!” Not only that, but way fewer were on cell phones or had ear plugs as they walked by. My years’ long daily ministry — to greet everyone I (we, Shadow and I) encounter in public intimately, soul to soul, with a glance, a smile, a greeting — felt overwhelmingly received and reciprocated on this beautiful morning. As ever, I feel my heart lift and expand with each encounter.

So grateful!

Not only that, but when I woke up, around 6:45 A.M., it was to this new message from one of my readers in response to my Full Moon article from yesterday. Needless to say, it made my day! Thank you Sharon!

It has been a while since I last connected with you and just wanted to drop a quick comment to say I loved the article and could not agree with you more!!! I too feel the energies coming in rather intense and wonder how the hell you folks in the U.S. are managing. I was born within 3 hours of a full moon and within less than 3 degrees of the Eris Point, so yes, I am FEELING big time the energies that being offered now. To make things even more interesting, my husband is a true Taurus and is only semi-awake, so we shall see what shows up in the next couple of days. And, I loved the photo with your “Eris Stance” sending a clear message to all that it is time to roll up your sleeves and dig in because the best part is about to begin … restoring and rebuilding is always more fun when done with great music, beautiful people and the most delicious food!!! You continue to inspire through practical application of that which you hold most dear and fearlessly show any and all that we can live in harmony with our environment (yes, including all humans) if we truly desire it so. Thank you for being you.

Finally, let me tell you what I did yesterday, as my way of honoring my own body as part of the Earth body. (Taurus Full Moon). I pulled some of the mustard plants that had voluntarily seeded themselves in the new hugelkultur bed (constructed, a few months ago, via a Green Acres flash mob job, remember that?), and replanted them in one of our Garden Towers, once again placing it in the greenhouse for the winter.


That Garden Tower was invented by Colin Cudmore, fruit of MY loins! My own son! He who chose to come in through this female body, kicking and screaming — both of us!

Me: No! No! (says this freedom-loving double Sagittarian Sun with the enormously fertile Taurus Moon), I don’t want to be pregnant again!

Him: No! No! (says that freedom-loving Aquarian born in 1966, during the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto in Virgo conjunction), I don’t want to be confined in a body again!

Even at two months, Colin was squirming to be released from his infant seat. He was a hyperactive, impossible, endlessly curious child. Thank goodness he managed to either bypass or break out of the numbing mind-control that besets this American population — or it has, until now. For we are coming alive. And just what we, as a society, are to do with the newly rediscovered energy running through us depends on each of us as an individual.

What are you going to do with your one wild and crazy life? Why are you here, what is your purpose? It may not be what has been drummed into you. It may be seeded deep within your soul, being “triggered,” now. Follow it. Follow your bliss. Follow your nature, utterly, magnificently unique!



P.S. Now that marijuana is fully legalized in California and other states, the Garden Tower will find a whole new usefulness. In fact, Colin and his team are, this very morning, winging their way to a marijuana convention in Las Vegas.



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