Randy Newman’s Vladimir Putin

When I see/hear this video, I have to smile. No so much at how it makes fun of not just Putin, who, along with Trump, was demonized during the election by both Republicans and Democrats via their MSM media. Newman also makes fun of Putin’s detractors and fans; he makes fun of the human condition, offering a refreshingly creative, surreptitious route through the maelstrom of powerful, long-repressed, surging feelings that are sloshing through the collective unconscious post-election; currents of all kinds, running fast and slow, large and small, turgid and coiling and dissipating into an infinite void that sucks in yet other currents and crosscurrents, up from the cave of unknowing, to burst forth into the collective consciousness, in various acts of fear and hate, love and concern.

How do we move from fear to love? That is the question. How do we shift our attention, fully, and then begin to move as one, together, each of us gifting all that we are, our total and irreducible uniqueness, to the conscious, interwoven evolution of the whole of humankind. The way nature does it. Nature is our teacher. We need to return to her.

And to make that switch we need do only one thing, move into the heart, center our awareness there, beating in concert with all other hearts, automatically, without thought or decision. It just beats, the heart of nature, it beats for all of creation, and is creation breathing life in, death out. Breathing new energy in, old energy out, to be recycled and recharged, gifted once again, to the whole.

To the extent that we are centered in the heart, then nothing, and I mean nothing disturbs us! We remain at ease, no matter what is arising. No matter. We interact as a creator with whatever presents, because we think and feel like chess masters, martial artists. Which reminds us of Putin.

We all notice that Vladimir Putin is centered within himself. It is the source of our fascination. This man is fully alive, vital, and yet contained, focused, capable of marshalling large forces slowly, subtly, invisibly, and with great hidden power, over an extended period of time. And that’s why he’s so repulsive to some, so magnetic to others. Putin is simply not like you and me. Not a child, still needing attention. Putin is a grown up, a serious, responsible, skilled adult, one who serves the whole, and therefore cannot be understood by those who serve merely themselves.

“Here’s a video dedicated to a great world leader. I hope all of you like it. I know he will. —Randy Newman

MP3/FLAC/HD: http://smarturl.it/Putin.Ns
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Putin.iT


Putin puttin’ his pants on
One leg at a time
You mean he’s just like a regular fella, huh?
He ain’t nothing like a regular fella

Putin puttin’ his hat on
Hat size number nine
“You sayin’ Putin’s gettin’ big headed?”
Putin’s head’s just fine

He can drive his giant tractor
Across the Trans-Siberian plain
He can power a nuclear reactor
With the left side of his brain
And when he takes his shirt off
He drives the ladies crazy
When he takes his shirt off
Makes me wanna be a lady
It’s the Putin Girls!

(Putin Girls)
Putin if you put it when you
Put it where you put it
Putin if you put it
Will you put it next to me?
Putin if you put it when you
Put it where you put it
Putin if you put it
Will you put it next to me?

Now Putin hates the Putin girls
‘Cause he hates vulgarity
And he loves his mother country
And he loves his family

He and his ex-wife Lyudmila
Are riding along the shore
Of the beautiful new Russian Black Sea
Let’s listen in
A great man is speaking

We fought a war for this?
I’m almost ashamed
The Mediterranean
Now there’s a resort worth fighting for
If only the Greeks or the Turks
Would start to sniff around
I’d bring the hammer down
So quick their woolly heads would spin
Woolly head, woolly head, woolly head

Or, wait a minute
Even better
What if the Kurds got in the way?
Hey! Kurds and way, curds and whey!

Sometimes a people is greater than their leader
Germany, Kentucky, France
Sometimes a leader towers over his country
One shot at glory, they don’t get a second chance
I dragged these peasants kicking and screaming
Into the 21st century
I thought they’d make it
I must have been dreaming
These chicken farmers and file clerks gonna be the death of me

I can’t do it
PG – Sure, you can
I can’t do it
PG- Yeah, you can
What makes you say that girls?
PG – Tell you why. ‘Cause you’re the Putin man
Who whipped Napoleon?
PG- We did!
Who won World War II?
PG- The Americans!
That’s a good one ladies
It’s our turn to sit in the comfy chair
PG – And you’re the man gonna get us there!

I don’t know, Lenin couldn’t do it
I don’t know, Stalin couldn’t do it
They couldn’t do it
Why you think I can?
PG – You’re gonna lead our people
To the Promised Land
You’re right, ‘cause, Goddamn,
I’m the Putin Man
Ann Kreilkamp
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Peter Nowakowski
Peter Nowakowski1 day ago
2:00 – What if the Kurds got in the way? Hey! Kurds in way. Curds ‘n whey. (I see what you did there.)
1p6t1gms2 weeks ago
I’m sticking with augmented reality.
siberus481 week ago
haha nice video/song
Chris Washikova
Chris Washikova1 week ago
I like it Randy! I give it an 8.5.
Reply 2
Spencer Garn
Spencer Garn6 days ago
I’ve been playing the audio that Randy released a few weeks ago, and very glad to see this video just released too! I love it just the way it is. I can’t wait to hear the full album, and one day I’d like to meet Randy Newman and shake his hand!
Reply 1
Bradford McDougall
Bradford McDougall1 day ago
this this so awesome Tim, good to know you finally
freeman 64
freeman 642 weeks ago
Reply 1
Ваша Наташа
Ваша Наташа1 week ago
Reply 1
Sra Mrtnlli
Sra Mrtnlli2 weeks ago
Reply 5
237g2 weeks ago
I see what you did there.
Steve T
Steve T1 week ago
It’s the Putin Girls!
Obliviously Aware
Obliviously Aware1 week ago
God Emperors Trump and Putin shall led the way to lord kek’s promised land!
MonartBrigade2 weeks ago
why is everyone talking shit about the video? I for one think its hilarious and a great idea to capture randy’s satire on this subject. i think its perfect. the song is amazing.
Reply 2
John O
John O4 days ago
putin on a ritz
Xenia1 week ago (edited)
We do get the satire and irony. Don`t worry, Randy 🙂
But still, with this bitter irony and all it looks like you have certain respect/ appreciation for Putin. The text is hillarious, especially the “he can power the nuclear reactor with the left side of his brain” part 🙂 I did` not like the video toomuch, though, it is too straight-forward ( at least for me) it could have been a bit more ironic, to match the song`s lyrics. Otherwise the song is great (and catchy). Thanks, Randy. Greetings from Moscow ( Russia)
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Natalia N Natalia
Natalia N Natalia1 week ago
We will elect Putin the 8th november! Not Clinton, not Trump!
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Randy Newman offered this to the world on October 26, 2016, with the comment, ” https://youtu.be/6Ya-FGHdBso

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