Post-Election, day four: Those anti-Trump “protests,” and other commentary

Are the protests real, i.e., spontaneous? Or are they staged. And if so, by George Soros?

WIKILEAKS: “Ordo Ab Chao” — George Soros Plan for America Exposed

Here’s another version:

The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution

BTW: Even if they are real, get real, people! As Paul Craig Roberts puts it:

Do Progressives Really Find “White Trash” More Threatening than Nuclear War?

One thing is clear. The powerful emotional turbulence swishing to and fro through the body politic right now is downright scary. If you choose to be scared, that is. Clearly, there has never been quite a time like now to test one’s own capacity to be conscious of whatever feelings are coursing through while choosing not to act them out and/or project them onto anyone else. A fb post from Hannah yesterday illustrates both this point and what’s at stake.


This post has generated an enormous number of comments. Clearly, Hannah knew not to take what her neighbor said seriously, but instead to hold her in love. As our dear Mom, mother of eight, used to say, “This too, shall pass.”

My UFO buddy Joan Bird referred me to a new young citizen pundit today. Glad she did. Here are two samples.

Finally, here are election reflections from two activists who have put their minds, hearts, souls, and lifestyles on the line for decades, Bill Chisholm (in Idaho) and Sir Julian Rose (in Poland).



The Hour Is Late

Julian Rose

Bill Chisholm

Jean Hudon

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