Post-Election, Day Three — again: Why DID HIllary lose?

Woke up around 2:30 A.M., as usual, and as usual, searched for some kind of audio to eventually put me back to sleep. Chose John Paul Craig, on the Richie Allen show, his interpretation of the election.

What struck me about this video was his realistic attitude, neither disparaging Trump nor expecting too much from him. He says to watch who he picks for his cabinet, and especially, who he picks for Assistant Secretary of various departments. Why? Because the Secretary is a figurehead, sets the tone of the department. But the Assistant Secretary is the one who feeds him information. Craig himself was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, so he knows what he’s talking about. Also, he says that even if Trump does truly want to “drain the swamp,” he will have trouble doing it, because though both houses of Congress are now in Republican hands, all those sitting in those plush seats are beholden to the corporatocracy — the banksters, the MIC, Agri-Business, Universities, etc. — and must satisfy them if they wish to get re-elected. So, though Trump himself may be somewhat of an “outsider,” those with whom he works will be insiders, puppets in the oligarchy.

Needless to say, I found this audio too interesting to return to sleep. And, what he talked about at the end, saying that violent revolution will be necessary if Trump cannot deliver; that mass actions like refusing to pay taxes won’t work because that’s always an individual decision and then they can just come and pick you off . . .  I do wonder about this assessment. Is he correct? Or could we successfully organize this kind of non-violent mass action that would decidedly drain the swamp of the money it needs to continue destroying the planet and its occupants.

Meanwhile, here are some more interesting perspectives. I love this one, and would like to give it to all the Hillary lovers who surround me in this university town.

I Would Love to Share in Your Incredulity

There are a number of interesting analyses on why everybody was surprised that the Democrats lost, including those by Robert ParryRobert Sheer, and Glenn Greenwald. At the very least, one might say that they were blinded by the echo chamber of their bought-and-paid-for MSM which assumed their Hillary was a shoe-in.

If you’re like me, you’re still scratching your head about Comey’s strange sudden moves pre-election. Here’s a fascinating alternative theory about why he did what he did — both reopening the investigation only eleven days before the election, and then closing it down again two days beforehand. In fact, I think Michael Salla may well have hit the nail on the head. It makes much more sense than anything else I’ve come across. Worth reading carefully to see how he connects various dots.

Trump Victory Due to FBI Stopping False Flag Alien Invasion

That said, here’s another head-scratcher:

Why Are the Russians Exposing Their Pre-Election Links with the Trump Campaign?




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4 Responses to Post-Election, Day Three — again: Why DID HIllary lose?

  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    goodness, Ann, it’s no wonder you’re plagued with insomnia –eating this kind of cotton candy fluff so late at night.

    Take a Breath, Kiddo.

    just to look closely (and nuancely) at that “False Flag” Fantasy: it seems that this Salla guy’s much-vaunted Ph.D. might well be in cheese making in some mountainous country in central Europe.

    it’s really hard to know where to begin.

    “…to create the illusion of an extraterrestrial invasion which would allow the creation of an emergency situation that would lead to cancelation of the Presidential election”??

    Salla’s an Aussie, so he doesn’t bother to tell us on what constitutional basis that “cancellation” delusion might be realized.


    “President Obama would subsequently hand power directly over to Clinton once the alien invasion was put to a stop…”

    “hand over power”?

    would that involve, like, the actual “handing over” of the keys to the White House?

    just like the Aussie constitution allows for?

    and the nuclear football –with its launch codes– too?

    and Comey’s release of the statement about the “new” emails was just a “cover”for this Dastardly Plot to prevent this Nefarious Plot from being implemented?

    as for Comey’s “puzzling behavior” (Salla uses that phrase twice, so it must be true), there’s nothing “bizarre” about it at all.

    Comey’s exoteric explanation is perfectly reasonable/plausible (though it might not necessarily be *true*, which is another question entirely):

    1) he testified before the house committee (under oath) that his investigation had uncovered nothing in Her emails that warranted a criminal prosecution;

    b) a subsequent (and, presumably, unrelated) investigation of another matter unearthed *tens of thousands* of emails which, on their face, seemed to involve Secretary Clinton, which meant that he was obligated to at least look at those emails in order to determine whether any of them might have relevance to the previous investigation;

    iii) the situation having changed, he therefore felt obligated to inform the House committee of this new development, which modified the sworn testimony he had given to it.

    that whole story of his might well have been a tissue of lies (and a well constructed one, if that)… but it’s hardly “bizarre”

    as opposed to the Transparent Fabrication of this Star Wars obfuscatory Plot of Dr. Salla (as i’m sure he prefers to be called) which, even if it had some distant relationship with, you know, the “real world,” would have had great difficulty in enabling the nefarious Obama to “cancel” [sic] the Presidential election, much less “hand power directly over to Clinton.”

    sorry, but This (particular) Dog Won’t Hunt.

    i would suggest that the Situation which we find ourselves in is quite Desperate enough (and certainly plenty complex enough) to demand that everyone *Stay Focused* and eschew utter Fantasies propagated by Con Men like this ridiculous Dr. Salla –whose books probably don’t even sell nearly as well as those of the Supreme Con Man who’ll be our Commander in Chief shortly after noon on next 20 January.

    you need to keep your mind Clear.

    and get a good night’s rest.


  2. rose day says:

    Ann, stay up as late as you wish…when science perfects the harnessing of energy such as yours, the ‘get enough sleep’ exhortation will be off the table.

    Much of Chris Crockett’s observations were entertaining to say the least yet it seems that he may have missed a few memos regarding the alien ‘false flag’ meme. I have not personally vetted Dr. Salla, so no comment there, but I have researched holographic imagery and in a word…WOW!

    What first comes to mind was the audience reaction when the entertainment industry let the holographic cat out of the bag and the deceased Tupac walked across the stage.
    Holographic projection has advanced to phenomenal levels…re; the ‘whale…water and all’ projected into the gymnasium at junior high school where students proclaim that the experience was ‘totally real’.

    Uses for holographic imagery projection are limitless and I now have no trouble imagining a ‘projected’ alien invasion as a false flag event and diversionary tactic which if expertly planned and executed could absolutely divert attention but more importantly create confusion, dissonance and potential hysteria…tried and true tools for controlling the masses.

    So, thank you Ann, for staying ‘awake’ and in doing so helping others to awaken.

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    RE: Thomas Harrington’s “I Would Love to Share in Your Incredulity”

    *slow clap*

    But I will need to be careful about sharing it. For now, here is the phrase that came to me the morning of Nov 9:

    If we do not wake up on our own, the bed will be set on fire.

    And I do believe the once-comfy bed is now in flames.

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