What will it take for things to end well? The American Death Party

As we continue to process the results of this historic election, let us honor and acknowledge the end of an old order as we turn to face, without flinching, the new. I am well aware of the probability that Trump may or will be even “worse” than Obama/Clinton/Bush, etc., and, as I told my young housemates today, watch the people he puts in his cabinet. That way we will know. Just as when I saw Obama, who had filled me with “hope,” pick Larry Summers as one of his guides. At that point I knew the jig was up. Then, when he signed the NDAA, my despair was complete.

Meanwhile, here we are here, beginning to witness the death of whatever was and gird our loins for whatever lies ahead. What better time to introduce a new website, and blog, by my friend Andrew Gerber, a former hospice nurse whose philosophical and empathic focus on Death as our Teacher and Friend is now coupled with magnificent expression in language he calls forth to set the tone for us to descend into the deep underground cavern that Death always invites, though few of us dare to allow its alchemical stirring. 

Read Andrew’s Ten Theses, to get the gist of the



Then digest his latest blogpost: 

Cannibals and the Coming Winter


The United States has just consumed a last supper of cannibalistic fear during the lengthy ceremony we call elections. It was the anti-sacrament. What “rough beast, its hour come round at last” have we just drank the blood of? (Yeat’s The Second Coming) There is no way for this cup to be taken from us.

It doesn’t matter what ‘side’ you were on. You can ask: “Who are these people who voted for this person?” They are your neighbors. You might as well admit that you are terrified of them. But here we are… all sitting at the same table. So, now that we are here, bloated with fear and hungrier than ever, what do we do?

Prepare for the putrefactio (decomposition). We must digest all of this shadow that we have consumed. The last supper is not followed by being ‘born again’ or having ‘great again.’ That dark-skinned prophet from what is now called the Middle East is often misquoted as having said something about being born again. What he actually said is more akin to “be born from the beginning.”  He was not handing out avoid-all-responsibility passes. He was asking for us to be deeply responsible for all of life.

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  1. Jill Fuhrmann says:

    elected outside the rich and powerful? Sorely mistaken. His cabinet, prospectively, lists government insiders. Sorry you got taken in.

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