Post-Election, Day two: Personal report from Standing Rock, amidst “The Uprising”

I must confess, I’m the only one I live near who is happy and relieved by election day results. Everybody else is in shock, do not recognize that, of all the presidential candidates of either party, only Donald Trump was in favor of talking with Putin rather than demonizing him, that Hillary was bent on World War III, and that for this reason alone, she had to be stopped.

Nevertheless, last night, at our weekly Community Dinner, we agreed not to “talk politics.” Though I admit that I did get in a few sidewinding questions, like, to Leah and Linus, both graduate students: Was there political talk in SPEA classrooms (School of Public and Environmental Affairs) today? Yes, they said, but mostly it had to do with whether or not students’ job prospects have changed . . .

Oh my!

Before dinner, we listened to Aaron, who has just returned from Standing Rock. I ask him, How is it organized? Extremely decentralized, with three main camps, and smaller camps within camps. Hundreds of tipis. And yurts! A truckload of 20 felt yurts arrived the day he left.  (I lived in a yurt for many many years.)

How many people? Nobody’s counting, and it fluctuates. At least a couple of thousand. Supplies? They just keep flowing in. The days are filled with ceremonies.

Since Aaron was one of the principals in our own little Occupy camp here in Bloomington way back when — five years ago (can you believe?) — he has a natural interest in these quickly blooming communities, and how they work. Glad for his testimony. He will go back in January for his court date. Yes, he was arrested, and spent a few days in a jail with comfy couches, three meals a day, and wonderful people.

I asked him about the report that two police had turned in their badges. Probably more than that, he answered. I asked him about the two sheriffs who took their forces back home (Minnesota and Wisconsin). He didn’t know if there are any others.

He feels for the police, he says, knows that they must be hurting by this time to constantly witness folks who are deliberately, determinedly, implacably, and nonviolently disrupting they who provide “security” for the bankster/energy alliance that is building a pipeline that will cross the Missouri River twice as it courses towards the Gulf, its future leaks and bursts poisoning the waters for both Natives and millions of others along the way.

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Two roads in to the encampment, he says, one of them with a blockade. You can’t get through there at all. The other has a checkpoint of some sort.

Meanwhile, today’s news, further reverberations from Trump’s surprise triumph.

My friend Claudia called just now, told me she voted for Trump, “but I can’t tell anyone!” Everybody around her a Hillary supporter, and would be enraged. I told her I voted for Stein, because my fingers wouldn’t let me vote for Trump, though I much prefer him to Hillary. In fact, as David Icke put it, when discussing our “false choice between a catastrophe and a disaster,” we averted the catastrophe, but he fears Trump will be a disaster. Perhaps, though I want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. Who knows what he’s capable of, especially if he grows to feel protective of the entire American populace? (Just as Putin feels protective of the entire Russian populace.) As an astrologer, I know that’s within Trump’s capacity. And if he actually does enlarge his own sphere of compassion that much, then the universe will bend to serve the massive changes needed to correct our nation’s course, destroyed over many decades to place the .01% above the “deplorables,” who, two days ago, did not just “turn the tables,” but knocked them clear over.


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  1. I am a tri-spherical thinker, not a mono-reductive linear thinker trapped in dualities. I never believe there are just one or two ways of looking at or doing in thing. There are many ways. I also am not affiliated with a political party, believing and experiencing the short coming of partisan politics as a candidate for public office many times myself and bumping into what I call the Pavlovian wall, that place of knee jerk reaction as opposed to heartfelt reason.

    I could not in good conscience vote for either Clinton or Trump. I felt they both were wrong for our times, for our country and our planet. They both are too dis-connected from real life and from Nature by the way they live their lives. They had no relevant vision for these times. I voted for Jill Stein, because I would rather put my energy towards a vision of how we might be than vote for the so called “lesser of two evils”, when I didn’t believe that there was such a person in this case just two poor visions of the future.

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