Post-election, day one: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A

This morning, on my walk with puppy Shadow, we came across a construction site with two men working with a big machine. One of them caught my eye. I smiled, and yelled over the noise, “Welcome to Trumpland!” His face lit up. “YES!” he yelled back.

Not that I’m “for” Donald Trump, but I am for those who voted him into office, America’s forgotten ones, those Hillary called “the deplorables,” rural, non-college-educated whites, plus all the others, including immigrants, who labor daily, and long, doing the dirty work for the .01%.

And I’m for all of us who actually did find ourselves activated at a gut level, during this election season. For those, like me, who temporarily came down off my usual perch of detachment to argue passionately and long, not usually, “for” one side, but “against” the other. That’s what I did, being so utterly, and for a long time now, convinced that Hillary Clinton occupies what Julian Assange, in his pre-election interview with John Pilger,  called the “centralizing” position in the interlacing network that cements power into the matrix of bankster/weapons manufacturers/military industrial complex/big food/ big pharma/big medicine — big everything in the interlocking corporatized state that promotes endless war and that was, until Brexit on June 23, and now until Trump’s triumph on November 8, grinding slowly and implacably towards the so-called New World Order.

On this morning’s walk, an image came to mind, of a wrench thrown into the machine.


Not that Trump isn’t himself part of the 1%. Of course he is, or he wouldn’t have managed to become a plutocrat. On the other hand, he has not spent his life scheming and compromising to become the first female president, either. His expertise is business, not politics, which may be why he was able to slough off all the diatribes from the MSM media and other Hillary lovers and continue to spew out of his mouth whatever flashed through his mind.

And, I submit, what was flashing through that mind was channelled straight from the collective unconscious of the underdogs of America. Those who had been forgotten and trampled upon. And predictably, what came up was rage, fury, as the long damned energy of self-worth, self-value suddenly got unplugged, and rose to the surface.

Oddly enough, Donald Trump, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, was peculiarly positioned to be this mouthpiece, this channel, for the disenfranchised. In saying this, I point to three important sections of his astrological chart.


First, the silver spoon: 29°58 Leo Ascendant, Mars just behind, at 26°47 Leo. He is supremely self-confident, assumes leadership easily and masterfully. Plus, the final, 29th, degree of any sign is the karmic degree in which the lessons of that sign must be learned. And in Leo, those lessons directly conjunct the position of the fixed star Regulus, one of four royal stars, “King of the Heavens.”

Next, the ability to channel the collective unconscious: Born at full Moon, with Sun at 22° Gemini, Moon at 21° Sagittarius. Sun conjunct both the dharmic north node (20°) and Uranus (17°): sudden, unpredictable uninhibited spouting of information from an old karmic (south node) perspective (Moon in Sagittarius). He didn’t know what he was saying. He didn’t have to. All he had to do was stand up on a stage, feel the energy of the audience, and begin talking.

His ability to feel the energy of the audience?  Venus conjunct Saturn at 22-23 Cancer. Which also signifies his deep connection to his own family, as well as his connection to the U.S., which, remember, was itself born during the time when the Sun was in Cancer, sign of home, family, community.



Even more crucial, Trump’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer happens to be in a near-exact conjunction with the U.S. Mercury at 24° Cancer and opposite the U.S. Pluto at 27° Capricorn. That opposition in the U.S. chart has always signified, among other things, a paranoid consciousness, looking out for the security of number one in a world of threats. Trump was enumerating the so-called “threats” every time he got up to speak, and the disenfranchised were eating it up. They feel it. He feels them feeling it. He identifies with the U.S., sees/feels it as part of his family, and cannot help but want to “make it great again.” Just as he personally feels “great” with that Mars/Ascendant/Regulus combo in late Leo.

The U.S. chart also features Mars at 21° Gemini, directly upon Trump’s Sun! — in a wide conjunction with Uranus (echoing the conjunction with Uranus in Trump’s chart), in the 7th house, that of partners, whether friend or foe. The U.S. seems fated to feature technological innovation (Mars/Uranus) but whether or not that innovation will mostly involve weaponizing whatever it can get its hands on, or not — is a choice. We don’t have to polarize, to see enemies everywhere. We can work with the Other, much as Trump pledged to do during his campaign, and for which the MSM media ruthlessly pilloried him.

Putin can breathe a sigh of relief. The lady dragon is not coming for him after all. He sent a congratulatory telegram to Trump.

Oh, and by the way, in Trump’s secondary progressed chart, the Sun (which moves at the rate of one degree per year), moved through the final degrees of Leo, lighting up his natal Ascendant, during these very years of his campaign for president. The timing could not be more exact; nor could the timing of the progressed Sun’s move into Virgo, where it will reside for the next 30 years. Sun moved into workaholic, detail-oriented Virgo about three months ago. The years of Leonine flash are behind him. From henceforth on, he will work, and work hard, and he will do this for us, his nation, his family.

Note that his victory speech was notably muted, gracious, conciliatory, and deeply appreciative of all the people in his family who had helped.



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15 Responses to Post-election, day one: Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A

  1. Leah says:

    I’m shocked to see no mention of the impact a Trump presidency and Republican Senate, Republican House, and Conservative Supreme Court will have on the rapidly closing window to limit climate change and support the necessary development of a distributed, renewable, sustainable energy system? Not to mention the life-or-death implications for our queer, black, trans, undocumented, black, and latina kin. When white supremacy violently lashes back against the slow tide of acceptance and multi-culturalism and seizes power – we are to celebrate their victory as underdogs?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      All you say is true. And troubling. And yet pales next to Hillary’s need to complete the neo-con march to (nuclear) war with Russia, in place ever since the “Project for a New American Century” was dreamed up after the Soviet Union fell apart in the early ’90s. The American hegemon has been gathering energy ever since. Remember also, that it was Reagan, another president whom we progressives hated, who went to the table with Gorbachev in 1985 and 1986, ending the Cold War.

      • Madeline says:

        I have never been to this website before and was looking forward to an unbiased/professional astrological discussion. I am surprised to read what seem to me like an almost pundit report, using astrology as a thinly veiled vehicle for a very limited and bias viewpoint. I am in total agreement with leah that nothing has been mentioned of the extreme threats to the freedom, and respect towards women, along with their reproductive rights/ safety and protection of rights of all minorities and standing to keep them free from persecution , and the elephant in the room,CLIMATE CHANGE!! I have been a Social Worker for 28 yrs and am acutely aware of the plight of the middle class worker…but that does not mean that he/she has a right to take the rights and privileges away from Women/ minorities or anyone else that is an American citizen…or wishing to become one. The fear that the white middle working class is feeling needs to be dealt with in a therapeutic manner not as a pass to inflict this fear and hatred onto to others in an unrealistic fantasy of going back to the past. We need to help them face the reality and look for NEW options not sanction their paranoia! I did not expect to come to an astrology site and have to write such a comment…I will NOT be back.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Madeline, this is NOT an astrology site. It is a personal blog, with a very personal point of view, which hopefully, is wider and deeper than usual. To that end, I at times bring in the language of astrology.

  2. CindyW says:

    Thank you, Ann, for modeling how to hold space for both sides in this current time. I too have traditionally always been to the Left of anyone living in my family and most of my peers (though actually I’m more from the grassroots up/not top down), and yet I have listened more closely this election to the “other side,” and have pretty much lost two dear friends, who think that this election presages The Fourth Reich in America (and don’t hear how fanatical they sound, forget how vitriolic the “other side” sounds.) The only thing I’m truly sorry for is the Hispanic children who are being told in school settings “you’re going to get sent back to where you came from” – but we have to hold space for compassion there too. Sounds like we ALL have a lot of Shadow work to do these next few years … and I too was the only one around me who heard the beat of wardrums in the rhetoric (and the financing) of the “Noble, Good-Hearted” political side …

  3. We will create what we think and say. Thank you for posting this. It’s truly wonderful to read such a positive post compared to ‘all else’.

    We are what we think, say and do. I’ve just posted at my fb about keeping the calm and what’s within our heart core universe is most important right now then ‘seeing’ the external reality. Thought that I’d share …

    Keep calm, keep the balance even though the external reality may seem differently. You may be witnessing situations which you don’t resonate with .. but it’s happening and manifesting because they are all energy .. merging with all else.

    And .. it’s all right. As long as you keep on focusing from within your sacred heart space, keep on creating your own wishes and dreams and enjoying it at the same time because ‘joy’ is the ‘fuel’ which propels your dreams/wishes to the great Universe to be manifested at the appropriate time/moment.

    Then .. release it .. let it go and not ‘worry’ or ‘think’ about it as it will manifest for you.

    Do not allow the external situation to ‘upset’ you or create any imbalance with your core universe .. because your core universe is THE most important factor in your own journey. What you see/witness on the outside is what .. was being ‘created’ quite some time ago. This is a ‘delayed’ scenario .. it’s just coming together .. after all forms of desires/wishes/dreams merge, transmute and transform and than appear as a larger piece of a huge puzzle.

    Have faith in yourself, in our Divine Father Mother God, the great Universe which is the ‘glue’ in making all this happen (divine energy) and your spiritual guides that’s guiding you all the time. You only have to stay still and listen and that’s your ‘first’ thought that will come into Being.

    Always your first thought .. after that .. it’s merged and filtered through ego.

    Be the Love,
    Be the Peace,
    Be the Compassion,
    Be the Joy,
    Be the Enabler,
    Be the Giver,
    Be the One in The Now of All That Is.

    WE are all One. Regardless of what name, what parties, what labels etc.

    WE are ALL One. Namaste

  4. Thank you, Ann! Yes, we need to dial back the vitriol. War is not the answer, and as devastating as Civil War has been in Syria, Ukraine and more, I would hope people re-humanize each other. If we dehumanize ourselves and each other, then the self-appointed elite continue to win at all of our expense. War is even worse for the environment than global warming or what I prefer the call corporate global poisoning. It’s completely devastating.

    My post on the Shadow Work required by both sides resulted in the erasure of my blog from most search engines. To me, that speaks volumes about where the real power to change is. Look at the other side –listen to their concerns. Many will find them mirrored and discover In Lakech “you are another myself” and Namaste “the divine in me honors the divine in you.”

    Thanks for the fascinating astrology reading of Trump. I hope your predictions hold true!

    • Weirder still: the whole part of your post about dialing back the vitriol and finding the humanity in others is no longer showing up on my screen. This message of unity and not to dehumanize the “Other” must be very threatening to someone.

    • Weirder still: the whole part of your post about removing the vitriol and then finding the humanity in others is no longer showing up on my screen.

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        I took it out. I had not noticed that it was still there; it was not part of what I ultimately wanted to post. That section was from Charles Eisenstein. Good stuff, but it became too long and that part diluted the main focus, astrology.

  5. zoidion says:

    Re: Venus-Saturn in Trump’s chart: “Deep connection to his family”?
    What it seems you fail to recognize, or at least articulate, is that it represents not only his personal hunger for love (the love he never got as a child, his extreme emotional immaturity) but also his ability to tap into collective feelings of economic insecurity and disregard (Clinton’s term “deplorables”) as a way to feed him.
    Is Trump going to suddenly, at age 70 and with immense powers at his command, change his behaviors and be nice? Get real. For a dose of sobering reality, check out this piece on surviving autocracy:

  6. Mark Novembrino says:

    So sick of the phrase “white, working-class”. It’s a label that means nothing. The “working class” includes, generally speaking, all of us (that is, anyone that is not part of the 1%). It includes nurses, teachers (including professors), firefighters, musicians, artists, computer programmers, truck drivers, dentists, chefs, waiters, and fast-food employees, mechanics, and on, and on, and on. It’s not just people that swing a hammer. It’s anyone that gets up early every morning, works their ass of all day, and comes home exhausted sometime later in the day. Again…generally-speaking…most of us. And it’s most certainly not composed primarily of white people. Like I said, a “non phrase”. Oh, and one other comment — the Project for a New American Century was a conservative “think tank” and had nothing whatsoever to do with liberals and/or Hillary Clinton.

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