November 8, 2016: This E-Day is also V-Day


November 8, 2016, E-Day, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s also V-Day, the day we proved, simply by sheer force of the fact that we voted — in an election between two rogue souls that we knew was rigged one way or another — that we exist, and we count. By voting, massive numbers of us, way more than one would expect, given the fury and despair that drove us to the polls, we declared that we are here, alive; no longer asleep, no longer dreaming of better times. Instead, knowing what we are up against, the “deep corporate state” that uses two-headed monster elections to keep us entrained while lumbering along in its own predetermined Titanic course towards an iceberg that is rapidly melting just like all the other ice that has kept us apart, each one frozen into her or his own little shell, and longing to melt, connect, move into communion.


This day, the one we have all been dreading, feels to me like the calm eye of some kind of monster hurricane. Eerily quiet. Hardly anyone on the streets, very little noise outside. Suspended between worlds, between the devil that we know and the new devil that is bound to take us in a direction we don’t like, whoever we are. In that sense we have much more in common than what divides us. And what we have in common is also, on a deeper level, this mighty life force that has awakened, and has begun to gush forth, a bit ugly and raw to start — after all, it’s been a long time since we’ve felt this kind of kinetic energy, a long time since we realized that we are important, our lives do have value, no matter what the oligarchs pretend to tell us, and even no matter what our minds think. We know, we now know in our gut with a certainty that verges on obsession that we have been lied to all our lives, especially by the MSM media that pretends it’s “objective” but is anything but. For example, in one of the Podesta emails, re: Arianna Huffington, about deciding whether or not to join the board of a pro-democrat media consortium, PMUSA

“She is enthusiastic abt the project but asks if she’s more useful to us not being on the Board and, instead, using Huffpo to echo our message without any perceived conflicts. She has a point.”

That’s just the tip of that particular iceberg, likewise melting down like all the others, swamping us all in an ocean of stormy feelings, of being robbed, taken advantage of, cheated, swindled, you name it! Not to mention slaving away at soul-killing “jobs” just to pay off bankster loans of one kind or another that never go away they are mortgage put on the future itself which slides by continuously, monotonously, with tiny or humongous bursts of craziness, via false flags and celebrity marriages, divorces, weiners, Lolita Expresses, on and on, flooded with all sorts of irrelevancies that a part of us, the part that can still think, reason, decide, tries to bat away, so that we may descend into the silence of sleep, it beckons us, come hither come hither, let go let go. Stop thinking you can “figure it all out;” stop thinking you can make it change, or go away. You can’t. All you can do is be here now, in your breathing space, whatever you’ve created around you to interact with, whether it be babies or puppies or lovers or plants or screens or tall skyscrapers. It’s all there for you, you, just you. You and whoever you care to really, truly, connect with, to bare your soul to, to remember, re-member, put yourself back together again within your body, within the Earth body, within the cosmic body, the one divine being that holds us all tenderly, sweetly, knowing that we don’t understand, but we don’t have to, all we have to do is feel it all, all of it, to the point where we no longer know who is who, we no longer know what the difference is between Hillary and Donald, we can feel them too, their suffering souls, playing large roles in a tiny human drama swirling across the universe.


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  1. John Cowan says:

    Dear Ann, In the aftermath of the election, as I ponder the meaning of this election and feel that my worst fears have been unleashed in the world, I am struck by your words above. That we don’t have to figure this out, all we have to do is breathe, in and out and be here in the world. Perhaps this is exactly why we were born into this age, we have an opportunity to be examples in the world of living in alignment with the eternal love that is flowing all around – or we can choose to close ourselves off, to build walls and allow our reptilian brain to take control. I choose the first, remembering, in the words of Bill Hicks, that “it is just a ride baby.” I choose to be an example of love in the world and in the words of my dear Mary, “John, it’s so easy, just give your love away.” Then I believe we will see that all of us are simply in a vast cosmic dance.

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