One day to go, U.S. Elections: Comey caves (again), why? What’s the larger psy-op?


Do listen to the first few minutes of Alex Jones news from yesterday after hearing about Comey’s about face (again), where he says that Larry Nichols predicted a week ago, after the Comey bombshell, that “next Saturday or Sunday [i.e., yesterday]” Clinton will be fully exonerated, and that this will cancel out all the wikileaks news of that week.

If so, we watch and recognize another subtly conducted and concocted psy-ops unfold, by wiping our minds clean of whatever the controllers don’t want us to know/see.

I refuse to be mind-wiped. Instead, I watch this Abby Martin video —

and I read this Jon Rappoport post —

Podesta, WaPo article, photos of naked teenagers on the walls

And I notice that the person in charge of the so-called investigation of 650,000 emails completed in one week, was an old Podesta intimate.

(Aha! Well then, ahem, no wonder they got ‘er done so quick!)

And instead of succumbing to the collective mind-wipe, I watch an old video from Kathy O’Brien, author of Trance Formation of America, who, through trauma-based conditioning from the time she was nine years old, was groomed to be an MK Ultra mind controlled “sex slave,” and placed directly in the Clinton crosshairs back in the ’80s:

The entire 23-minute video is fascinating, and I especially resonated with this aside, at about minute 10, which I quote in its entirety:

I heard Ronald Reagan telling Brian Mullroney that he believed the only way to world peace was through mind control of the masses. I know from experience there’s no peace of mind under mind control, and I wonder at a world peace where people don’t have peace of mind. The ramifications of mind control are far-reaching, because under mind control, there’s no free thought. Without free thought, there’s no free will. Without god-given free will, there’s no soul expression. What kind of a world peace can we have without any free will or any soul expression, without any spirituality? Mind control needs to be exposed in order that people maintain their freedom of thought, their free will, and have that spiritual expression. Because when people have soul and spiritual expression, they’re going to be acting in a capacity of love anyway. That’s what world peace is, not mind control.

So now, with only one day to go, fear-mongering during what some are calling Hell Week begins. False flag rumors abound. ISIS calls for “slaughter of Americans,” And it’s pretty clear that no matter who, if either one, “wins,” the (s)election will be confusing and contested and prolonged. That the result will set in motion long-dammed, and long-damned economic calamities. That the fear-forsaken furies have just begin to bash through their underground vaults.

Oh, and BTW:, guess what Lowe’s is selling? A 12-person Storm Shelter.



Meanwhile, once again, let’s turn from the vipers’ nest of Corruption that poisons our newly awakened recognition of systematic perfidy of the U.S. Gov to the ongoing Standing Rock Conscience of our humanity. Let us not succumb to the fear-mongering of fools, but rather, dedicate ourselves to love, to full aliveness, to the regeneration of all Life on our home planet Earth.

At Standing Rock:

Last week two policemen turned in their badges. Now we see a retired Navy petty officer carries an upside down U.S. flag as he marches with the water protectors.

Meanwhile, the Dakota Access is Under Scrutiny Over Sacred Artifacts in Pipelines Path.

Finally, one indigenous woman points her finger to what, for her, is the heart of the matter, seldom addressed or even consciously recognized by non-Natives who travel to join the Native water protectors.

Remember This, When You Talk about Standing Rock


In discussing #NoDAPL, too few people have started from a place of naming that we have a right to defend our water and our lives, simply because we have a natural right to defend ourselves and our communities. When “climate justice”, in a very broad sense, becomes the center of conversation, our fronts of struggle are often reduced to a staging ground for the messaging of NGOs.

This is happening far too frequently in public discussion of #NoDAPL.

Yes, everyone should be talking about climate change, but you should also be talking about the fact that Native communities deserve to survive, because our lives are worth defending in their own right — not simply because “this affects us all.”

So when you talk about Standing Rock, please begin by acknowledging that this pipeline was redirected from an area where it was most likely to impact white people. And please remind people that our people are struggling to survive the violence of colonization on many fronts, and that people shouldn’t simply engage with or retweet such stories when they see a concrete connection to their own issues — or a jumping off point to discuss their own issues. Our friends, allies and accomplices should be fighting alongside us because they value our humanity and right to live, in addition to whatever else they believe in.

Every Native at Standing Rock — every Native on this continent — has survived the genocide of a hundred million of our people. That means that every Indigenous child born is a victory against colonialism, but we are all born into a fight for our very existence. We need that to be named and centered, which is a courtesy we are rarely afforded.

This message is not a condemnation. It’s an ask.




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