It’s not just pedophilia, folks. From coliseum gladiators to snuff films . . .

. . . who murders who? Throughout his-tory, always the same. It’s not us, the people, it’s the “elite,” and not just via their stupid, bloody wars. See today’s extraordinary post by Jean Haines, below.


Had I not heard an autobiographical story by a man who had been a mind-control victim in childhood, forced with other young boys to watch a young girl being slowly murdered — and then shocked back into life, over and over again —I would not have believed what is conveyed in the Jean Haines post. As an adult, this man is paralyzed, in a wheel chair — and grateful. The car accident, when he was 18, broke his body, but it saved his mind and soul: He was kicked out of the mind-control program which had been prepping him to be a slave, in service to the murderous elite.

November 7, 2016. News . . . I think this will be the only unfolding story today! Hold tight!

And please do recognize that Ron Paul is right; as soon as this circus maximus “election” is over, we must activate the power of our individual and collective minds and hearts and wills to begin to drastically shift the direction of literally thousands of years of his-story.

Regardless of how America votes, Americans want a different foreign policy




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