Three days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: “Remember, remember, the 5th of November”


When I came across V for Vendetta — geez, when was that, sometime before Occupy in 2011, which adopted the Anonymous mask — I was utterly stunned by its relevance to our contemporary world.

That was then, and this is now. V’s “revolutionary speech” feels almost quaint, given the surreal abyss into which we as a people appear to be descending.

Meanwhile, despite the apparent calm that greets me every time I wake up in the morning, Steve Pieczenik’s possible Countercoup to the Clinton Coup is apparently proceeding on course:

Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to DC Offices; Prep for Raids, Arrests in Clinton Probes

And “the authorities” expect — no, let’s say that they positively want us to revolt —mindlessly, violently, so that they can crack down and introduce martial law.

“This quickly escalates into open warfare” — Why the Government Is Preparing for Post-Election Chaos

Hyping it up even further, we are warned of three possible terrorist attacks on Monday, in New York, Virginia, and Texas. Yeah, sure. Let’s call them false flags, shall we?

Even better, let’s decide to consciously follow Steve Pieczenik’s sage advice. No need for violence. This is the second American revolution, not the first. We have the Internet now, and its ongoing avalanche of information is freeing us all to both pay attention, learn how to discern info from disinfo as well as dissolve the matrix structures that have kept us locked in place for hundreds, or let’s make that thousands, of years.

Meanwhile, who among us is not stunned by the ghastly child trafficking and pedophilia trail that the Clinton/Abedin/Wiener emails seem to be revealing.

The Truth about the Clinton Pedophile Ring Exposed

Tell me, for any decent human being — and that is most of us! — is there a way to absorb this kind of “news” without flipping into denial? I know that when I first learned of MK Ultra mind-controlled sex slaves, about a dozen years ago, I just flatly refused to believe it. Then, after holding Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America at arm’s length, I came across another one, Bryce Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories,” and found this manuscript even more phenomenal, due to the fact that the victim, in this case, took charge of her own recovery rather than needing another person to deprogram her.

If you can stomach learning more about Mind Control, I invite you to dive into Fred Burk’s, which has a large section on this subject.

As for the “Spirit Cooking ” Podesta invite email that has now gone viral, here’s David Icke on the subject.

So here we are, only three days to go, and both wildly fluctuating polls and diametrically opposed perspectives claim Clinton or Trump as the sure winner. Lada Ray says Trump. Julian Assange says nope, Trump “won’t be allowed to win.” Either way, the furies are rising up out of the collective unconscious, no matter who “wins” this sham election that has exposed the stinking systemic Corruption infecting what we still call the US Government.

Meanwhile, at Standing Rock, the Conscience of this nation continues to hold a steady drumbeat for connecting our hearts to one another. For letting go of the mind, and its need for control. For loving ourselves, each other, and this beautiful Earth upon which we depend for our very lives.


And guess what? Even that MSM bastion, the New York Times, has begun to grok what is happening out there in the hinterland.

Opinion: Time to Move the Standing Rock Pipeline



“The law-enforcement response to the largely peaceful Standing Rock impasse has led to grim clashes at protest camps between hundreds of civilians and officers in riot gear. The confrontation cannot help summoning a wretched history. Not far from Standing Rock, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, sacred land was stolen from the Sioux, plundered for gold and other minerals, and then carved into four monumental presidential heads: an American shrine built from a brazen act of defacement.

“The Sioux know as well as any of America’s native peoples that justice is a shifting concept, that treaties, laws and promises can wilt under the implacable pressure for mineral extraction. But without relitigating the history of the North American conquest, perhaps the protesters can achieve their aim to stop or reroute the pipeline.”


NO. Please. Not “MOVE.” STOP.

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