Four days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Piecz Psy-Op?, Lada Ray on Fulford, Police Crossovers, Spiritual Traditions and Maori War Dance at Standing Rock!

It has begun! The triumph of Conscience over Corruption!

Two Police Officers Turn in Badges in Support of Standing Rock Water Protectors

May the crossover from Wage Slaves yoked to the Centralized Deep State to Free People communing with Mother Earth continue.

Meanwhile, the question comes up: Is Steve Pieczinek’s “news” merely disinfo to keep us confused and full of hopium? A number of sources think so. For example, Ken, at redefininggod. But then, I’ve noticed that whatever happens, Ken thinks it’s all part of the grand game, that he knows what that game is, its rules, and players, and all is set up beforehand, etc. etc. I get very tired of this mechanistic, deterministic, deeply cynical view of the world which simply doesn’t allow for surprise, or novelty, not to mention authentic aliveness. Which is why I haven’t paid attention to him lately. In any case, thanks to reader Michael for alerting me.

Another reader, Sue M, pointed out cryptically that “we don’t know who Piecz is working for at this point,” and sent me his long resume, showing that he has been educated by and working within the bowels of the Deep State all along. The question, for me, is, to what end? Has he been a reformer-from-within all this time?

Even zerohedge has gotten into the act.

Countering Hillary’s Coup with a Counter Coup — or Not?

I must admit, I really want Piecz’s info to be real! I really want us to non-violently see our way through this ghastly corrupt crony capitalist End Game that now features two “players” running for U.S. puppet president! ! It’s very difficult to hold a balanced point of view during this final week. I do my best. I fail.

Oh and here’s another weird twist. I have been following Fulford’s posts again, despite that there are times when I think he’s completely nuts. And this is another time. Now he has come out and said Putin is not Putin. I give up. I stop reading him, this time for good. Meanwhile, I go to Lada Ray, whom I DO continue to trust, for her response to this absurdity. And it’s very interesting.

New Hoax about Putin and Russia Dispelled by Lada Ray!

Meanwhile, the Huma/Podesta/Wikileaks/DOJ/FBI hornet’s nest continues to buzz. A sample:

Julian Assange Says Trump Won’t Be Allowed to Win, “Clinton and ISIS Are Funded by the Same Money”

Meanwhile, back to news about re-emergence of Conscience:

524 spiritual leaders representing 20 faith traditions have converged upon Standing Rock.


And meanwhile,

The Maori just took Standing Rock solidarity up a notch with their viral war dance





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