Five days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Pieczenik’s perspective: We are now in the second American Revolution.

Only five days to go. Five days in which to drop some kind of ghastly “news event” into the swampy collective unconscious that will trigger FEAR. Remember!


The more I think about it, the more glad I am that, once inside the voting booth, my fingers refused to make the “strategic” choice of voting for Trump and instead, insisted on writing in the name of Jill Stein. And, that I chose to follow the body’s wisdom. Grateful. It does appear to be that “the buck stops here.” HERE. INSIDE ME. INSIDE YOU. Unless we do begin to right our own “ship of state,” how can we hope to help right the larger one?

Meanwhile, with five days to go, the original video by Steve Pieczenik has gone viral, and there is a new interview with him by that egomaniacal blowhard Alex Jones (how does anybody not lose patience with this man who automatically attempts to steal the thunder from anybody he talks with? So weird. Hey Alex, LET HIM TALK!). Anyway, even with that caveat, I still highly recommend the interview, as well as the meme Pieczenik appears to be setting in motion, that we are in the middle of the Second American Revolution, and that this second one, in the age of the Internet, does not need to be violent.

Also appreciated his interesting point of view on Chelsea Clinton, that she does appear to have a conscience; and, he says, since he knows her, he may be able to talk her into speaking with her mother about taking herself out of the race. His views on the relentless power-hunger of Hillary dovetail exactly with my view of her, which is gleaned from my reading of her astrological chart, which shows Mars/Pluto/Saturn in Leo strongly square (90°) Ascendant/Mercury/Venus/South Node in Scorpio. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs: determined and unyielding. It’s as if she feeds on the conflicts her arrogant assumption of power create.



Since the karmic South Node is involved, this is not the first time. She simply, naturally, assumes that it IS her turn! And that nothing can stop her!

Imagine how grievously wounded her soul. No wonder she is sick with Parkinsons, and who knows what else! Imagine how her body and emotions must continually steal themselves not to feel the animosity thrown at her. Because she is a woman? Yes of course. And perhaps it’s only a power-mad woman like her who could push to the top of the glass ceiling. But breaking that ceiling threatens now to do her in.

Here’s another by Pieczenik, referring to the rumors of pedophilia that have swirled around both Clintons for years. I first heard about this aspect of the Clinton corruption in the autobiography of Kathy O’Brian, a mind-controlled MK Ultra victim, Trance Formation of America. Read it, if you have the stomach for such things. I only barely did, back then. Now I realize that pedophilia is one of the chief ways that figures in power are blackmailed.

For how the NYPD was involved in Wienergate, and how that adds fuel to the investigative fire:

NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play

For how and why some FBI agents decided to act, despite orders, and how that prompted Comey’s “October Surprise”:

Secret Recordings Fueled Mutinous FBI Investigation of Clintons Despite DOJ Orders To “Stand Down”

Michael Moore, who “stands with her,” says the FBI should “immediately investigate Trump.” Well, yeah! Remember, the entire culture appears to be threaded with deception, riddled with corruption.

And now Fox News says the FBI says that a move to indict the Clinton Foundation is likely.

[BTW: I’m amazed that I, who have in the past identified as a “progressive,” am now referencing both infowars (Alex Jones, above) and Fox News. Everything turns upside down, topsy-turvy. No labels stick.]

And now, turning from national corruption to our national conscience, here’s what’s going down at Standing Rock. It’s getting more and more difficult. Please do support in any way you can. I joined a local group that is sending bulk food, and another raising money for tents.

Standing Rock Water Protectors in River — Police Assault with Tear Gas, Pepper Spray


U.N. Observers Monitoring Abuses Against Standing Rock Protectors



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3 Responses to Five days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Pieczenik’s perspective: We are now in the second American Revolution.

  1. michael riesterer says:

    Hi, Ann: What do you think of Ken’s take?:

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks Michael. Another reader also weighed in. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s post will be of the current Pieczenik falderol as a possible psyop. We’ll see.

      I hadn’t checked Ken’s site for awhile, since he is just so unremittingly mechanistic — as if the whole world is one great big machine, its moving parts all designed to fool us — with no surprises, no creative spurts where novelty can enter; in short, no life! On the other hand, he’s always worth considering. So thanks for the reminder!

      • michael riesterer says:

        You make a good point, Ann, about Ken’s “mechanistic” world order perspective. And I like your suggestion of surprise and novelty which very much reflects a side of your personality that I enjoy as it comes through your writings and observations.

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