Six Days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Conscience, Corruption, Co-optation, Coup, Counter Coup, and Counting Coup!

First, a bit of news from Standing Rock, that bastion of conscience that stands, in stark contrast to the surreal Presidential Selection Circus Maximus, as  a shining beacon of who we are when we remember — and return to — “the better angels of our nature.”

This letter by Winona LaDuke and two others is addressed to the mostly young men who are armored and weaponized at Standing Rock. Its mighty overview can help us all recognize the enormity of what is at stake in North Dakota. (BTW: an oil spill just occurred in North Dakota. Synchronicity anyone?) Perhaps after absorbing its message, at least one of them will show the way, find the courage to remove the militarized claptrap and cross to the other side?

Public Servants, or Corporate Security: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota

BTW: At least one state, Minnesota, has gone home. Over one million people have “checked in” to the fb page, Mark Ruffalo has donated solar panels for the encampment infrastructure, even CBS notes that a crowdsourced fund aiming for $5000 has pushed passed $1 million, and now even Mongolian shamans stand in support.


Meanwhile, regarding the riveting Clinton v. Trump entertrainment, news and analyses continue to pour in, as continuous reverberations from, alternate versions of the “real” meaning of, and apparently numerous reasons for, FBI Comey’s defiance of his supervisors all begin to descend into the magnetic black hole of the collective unconscious. The single most riveting piece for today is one by Steve Pieczenik (someone I had never heard of until now, but seems to be legit on lots of levels). UTTERLY ASTONISHING, IF TRUE, and reminds me, again, of Fulford’s posts.

And of course, no matter who “wins,” (assuming they are both still standing by next Tuesday), the result will be mayhem in one form or another. You might check Global Research and Zero Hedge for provocative perspectives on what’s next.

I prefer end today’s overview by rising above the fray, to place the sacred in the center.

The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet



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1 Response to Six Days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Conscience, Corruption, Co-optation, Coup, Counter Coup, and Counting Coup!

  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    despite his Kissinger-era creds, this “Steve Pieczenik” guy sounds like a commie pass-a-fist bent on rigging an election in The Greatest Country in the History of the World (n.b., not just “in the World” but “in the History of the world”).

    but it did strike me as a most Delicious Irony that the thing that finally brought The Trumpster down was (essentially) a Sex Scandal.

    of all the myriad things which could be used to give some Comeupance to that particular Transparent Clown…


    Steve’s “pedophile ring” gambit seems to be in the same Ball Park –and i believe that it can be found on

    of all the reasons not to vote for Crooked Hillery….

    That Dog Won’t Hunt.

    Gimmea Brake.


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