Eight days away and counting, 2016 election: are we witnessing a constitutional crack-up?

In yesterday’s post I wondered if indeed massive fissures are beginning to appear within the U.S. Gov. Otherwise, why would FBI’s Comey act directly against advice from above? Jon Rappoport wonders the same thing —

Breaking Hillary email scandal: open rebellion at the FBI

— and asks that whistleblowers from inside that police state organization step forward, NOW. Which reminds me of my visualization of one soldier/policeman at Standing Rock doing the same thing, by removing all his stupid clanking gear and walking over to join the Native Americans who, with their determined stand of non-violent protection of water and life, have ignited his ethical sense and swayed him out of the matrix that held him immobilized, like a vice-grip (vise-grip).

Check out “truthdigger of the week, the Sioux Tribal Chairman who stands tall, clear, centered, and determinedly non-violent.

Truthdigger of the Week: Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II

“[W]e’re asking everybody to remain prayerful and peaceful and not to react to any form of aggression that law enforcement brings,” he said in an interview on National Public Radio. “We don’t want to see the construction workers get hurt, we don’t want to see law enforcement get hurt, and we definitely don’t want to see people who are standing up to protect water to get hurt.”

And now we hear of reverberations from Comey’s move. Senator Harry Reid, the Justice Department, the Clinton and Trump campaigns, on and on. The “credibility” of the massive structure of U.S. centralized government has been seriously undermined and not of course, for the first time; but this time the precise timing, within eleven days of what may be most contentious presidential selection ever, seems to have flummoxed everyone. Is this the October Surprise so many, including myself, have been expecting? The Black Swan event that will somehow alter the nature of this year’s surreal presidential circus maximus, and beyond that reverberate to the constitutional core of this country which was itself constructed on the near-genocide of Native Americans?

It’s hard not to connect what’s happening in Washington and New York with what’s happening in North Dakota. Again, the timing is simply, exquisitely, too synchronous, exacting.

Perhaps what must happen next, first, is the formal apology that we so dearly owe these keepers of the land, these original people who clearly recognize that without Earth as our Mother, we do not exist. Not here, and now. Oh, we may dream of escape to the moon, or mars, or outer space, we may proclaim secret breakaway space civilizations and even openly recruit for them —

Asgardia — Open Recruitment for Breakaway Civilization Begins

— but geez! Remember that we couldn’t even get Biosphere II to remain in a steady state. It kept losing oxygen, generating extinction. Sound familiar?

Obviously, we just didn’t identify enough “variables,” and figure out how they interact. Obviously, we just don’t understand how Nature actually works.

Now Imagine the complexity of a gigantic self-sustaining space vehicle that people actually live in for extended periods. Perhaps it’s happening elsewhere, with more advanced civilizations, those that don’t just use up all their resources and inventive talent to promote war and plunder, but here? You really think that we can pull that off? When we don’t yet even understand that none of scientism’s  so called “predictive” maps are equivalent to the territory they pretend to copy? That the universe is just so very much more mysterious than we prideful humans give it credit for? Likewise, Earth. She over which we supposedly, says the damn “bible,” have “dominion.”  HA! Domination, maybe, at least we try. But Nature does bat last, and we are in the middle of finding that out.

Oh yeah. Not just Earth, but all other living beings, including ourselves!  We have no idea how Earth, or even the fantastic complexity of our own bodies really operate, not to mention how communication and communion with other bodies, dimensions, galaxies actually works.

How can we, when we view ourselves (our “minds,” our left brains) as separate from, and superior to, our own bodies, each other, other earthlings and Earth, the cosmos, even “God”?

Meanwhile, here’s a new Anonymous video. Hmmmm . . .



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