Nine Days Away and Counting: Let us “influence” this election; let us perform miracles; let us show what we’re made of.

As I prepare to vote absentee on Monday, I wrestle with my conscience. Do I waste my vote on a third party candidate, or do I vote for Trump or Hillary? All three choices feel terrible. Both major candidates are corrupt, in bed with the money matrix, otherwise they wouldn’t be in position to use the MSM media to sway the gullible “electorate.”

Oh but wait! This is the year when that electorate discovered that there is no election, there is only a selection, between two heads of the same corporate beast, with the MSM media complicit, this year”favoring” stern Hillary over wildman Trump. Or at least it seems so. Others say Trump is working for Hillary, to make her look good.

But then what’s this about FBI suddenly performing a Black Swan dive, only eleven days prior to the election, by going against the Justice Department to once again bring up the business of Hillary’s emails? Is Ben Fulford right, the US Gov is internally conflicted? And can we also assume with him that all sorts of things are “going down” of which we are not aware?

It would be so easy to remove HIllary, either because of “ill health” or “corruption,” and then call off the selection. Keep Obama in place for awhile. Cool off.

Oh wait a minute! No matter who wins, or whether or not the election is called off or postponed, we’re looking at revolution, some say, or martial law to prevent it. That the rebellion brewing underneath has swollen to the point where it cannot be stopped.

I agree.

And let’s make ours a real revolution, one that goes back to the root of our humanity, our remembrance that we are part of the Earth. The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth, as the beautiful Native Americans are demonstrating in North Dakota.

I visualize just one of those super-souped up armored soldiered policemen out there deciding, in full view of all the cell phones, to remove all that clanking gear that he has wrapped around himself; to formally put down his gun or his smoke bomb or whatever else he’s got to keep the non-violent Injuns away, and then, stripped to his underwear, he just crosses the line, walks to the other side. Joins with those whom he was formerly recruited to oppress.

What would happen then? What would happen if just one soldier-policeman crossed the line?

Let’s visualize this single scenario so powerfully that it manifests, right before our shining eyes. Buffalo Nation’s sudden presence a few days ago signaled that we are living in a time of miracles — and that we are one.

Regardless of the election result, humanity’s awakening will continue

The world is waking up and it’s magic to watch


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  1. I am an idea person, not an ideologue. I am a tri-spherical thinker, not a mono- reductive linear thinker. I am an independent, I belong to no political party, I belong to no organized religion.

    I resent and reject the notion that I hear from both Trump and Clinton supporters that I need to choose between the two. I find them both unacceptable. There are lots of flaws in both candidates that I could enumerate, but the greatest flaw of all, both candidates share. They are dis-connected from the Earth

    One thing that life has taught me is that good ideas can come from any where. That to find those ideas that work for the well being of all, one must listen, one must be inclusive, not exclusive.

    Regardless of who is elected, we are on course for big and needed change. We can, I believe, a path that is non-violent, that embraces not only our common humanity, but the common ground that we share with all species.

    In reading of the possible scenario of one soul searching soldier/cop crossing the line at Standing Rock, I think of what happened in Bolivia when Bechtel corporation tried to take over the water system. People went to the streets, the police turned out in force and I believe a couple of people were killed. More people went to the streets and this time the police stayed in their barracks. The People prevailed.

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