Vladimir Putin’s stunning geopolitical victory


Image: theguardian.com

Remember my post on the astrology of Vladimir Putin?

The Astrological Chart for Vladimir Putin

This singular human being is a martial artist who expertly plays the great chess game of geopolitics.

Geopolitical analyst Lada Ray, who calls Russia “The Great Balancer” for the whole world,  has just put all Putin’s appearances at last week’s 2016 Valdai conference into one post. Notice how remarkably fit, steady and balanced, he looks, acts, and speaks. As usual.

All Putin Speech/Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016 in Sochi 

And now I discover a new and astonishing post by another geopolitical analyst, Pepe Escobar, that renders Russia’s recent unveiling of a gigantic nuclear (penis) missile, the “Satan 2,” that can “wipe out the state of Texas,  or France” — a mere flash in the pan.


Russia Calls the War Party’s Bluff

Question: Might this stunning information influence the current U.S. presidential selection process? Or is it too late? (And, does it matter?) Or, given the onrushing and continuous over-the-top U.S. media and political demonization of Putin, will Escobar’s info be ignored or suppressed? Whichever, it’s clear that the hegemonic U.S. Empire, that much anticipated neo-con “Project for A New American Century,” has been surreptitiously leapfrogged.






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