As the veils between the worlds thin, podmate Rebecca receives a Big Dream

I was out in the garden this morning, cutting back old growth and preparing to dig out the alley between two hugelkultur beds so that the one on the right gets more soil before covering it with mulch, when Rebecca approached. I asked her if I was doing this job the way she wanted. Yes.


She stood there, and continued. “I want to tell you about a dream I had last night,” Her face held a look of awe, bright and full. Upon telling me, she said that the dream was “unusually strong and bright.”

“Big Dream,” I whispered, and asked her to write it down.  She said she would, over lunch.

Wow! This one’s for all of us.

Rebecca and squash

Rebecca with squash, about two months ago.

My dream started with feeling chaos and upset and unresolved feelings in the air all around me in the world. I was toiling with others to make things right again and to bring balance. I don’t remember the details of anything, just mostly the feeling. I felt anxious and the feeling I had the most is that it was such HARD WORK. My body was hurting very bad from all of it but I just kept going and persevered.

All of a sudden the world changed into a bright and beautiful place and everyone was happy. There was a lot of light. Immediately I felt a woman close to me helping me into this new world. As I was stepping into it she was commending me for what hard work I had been through. Mostly it felt like she was telling me I had been doing what I was here for and she was acknowledging that it had not been easy. She was very impressed that I had kept going in the endeavors of pulling the world into this new place of goodness. I had a strong feeling that it was not only the physicality of the work but mostly that I had been doing a lot of “light work” (which I have been doing a lot of lately). This was mostly what had not been easy but it was successful.

Rebecca’s Big Dream, uncannily timed to just prior to Halloween, when the veil between the worlds thins, offers a beautiful message for us during this weird, pre-revolutionary, violence-stirred, pre-presidential selection ordeal. If Rebecca is receiving this dream, I imagine others are receiving similar dreams. Other “light/dark workers,” who hold the unifying vision of our collective future.

Thank you, Rebecca, and thank you, as well, to the interdimensional woman close to her who is helping her into this new world.

BTW: You bet it’s hard work! Here’s the state of the upcoming greenhouse now. Not due to get its plexiglass panels until next week.


David Bunge is our carpenter who has shored up the walls and ceiling of the old garage, cemented the entire floor, put a bunk room and drying room in the back half of the garage, and is still working to get the walls absolutely straight for the coming panels. Rebecca and other podmates took off the roof.


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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Such beautiful sunny warm weather in your pictures. I want more here in Vermont and look forward to being in Bloomington for Thanksgiving.

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