“Hi Dirt!” Let us Scour Scorpio Stuck Stuff — on all levels, to prepare for Scorpio New Moon

The Sun is now in Scorpio, heading to Halloween, when the veil between the worlds thins. The Moon will catch up with the Sun the day before, on October 30, at 7°43 Scorpio. New Moon. New beginning.

Scorpio also signifies the deep dark unconscious “stuff” that bewitches our own psyche, often completely contradicting “who we think we are.” That stuff gets regularly “projected” (pushed out) unto others who we then see as having qualities we unconsciously either “hate” or “love” in ourselves, triggering either aversion or attraction, over and over and over again. Like a broken record, we keep playing the same discordant tune. Why? Because our own inner stuff gets stuck, mighty stuck, not just befuddling personal and social relations, but causing all manner of dis-ease, it’s yucky gunky mucousy rigidity reverberating into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

One week ago, when I returned from my Five Week Spiral Journey, I was faced with a stuck bathroom sink. Years upon years of long-haired housemates accidentally gunking it up. Diligently, we started the process of using enzymes to eat away at the stuckness. This went on for one week, with very little success.

Finally Dan confessed that he knows how to clear sink traps!



So this morning, he set to work.


And oh my! It was even more gunked up than we expected. Every pipe piece with a bend was clogged. Dan, who is very sensitive to odors, about gagged. Put on gloves to handle the stuff. I, on the other hand, am fascinated with gunk, don’t find it fearsome at all. I eagerly took each gob and examined it with bare hands, took each piece of clogged pipe to the the kitchen sink to scour it out thoroughly, and of course, took pictures.

The bucket, with what looks like, but is not, a turd.




Love it!


The process of clearing gunk out of the sink pipes reminded me of when Joan and I cleared gunk out of our bodies through the feet, back in Helena, Montana. Again, fascination with what’s in there, stopping the flow of energy.

Each of us longs to allow the Pure Promise of Creation to move through us. To do so, we must do our Shadow Work, over and over again, to discover, honor, and remove blockages, open gates. What happens when we do? The whole world wakes up, that’s what. The nuclear explosion detonates — not the destructive kind that riddles our nightmarish imaginations, but the immensely creative kind that regenerates worlds. Imagine it. Imagine that kind of nuclear explosion, one that opens our hearts for the entire universe to flow through.

Yes, notice our hearts instead held in tight little boxes, condensed into tiny potent seeds, fearful of change, of our “reputations,” our own magnificent immensity. Imagine these hearts opening. OUR hearts. Having encountered and integrated the “stuff” that we didn’t want to know about, much less admit, we begin to sway through the veils, open to infinities, let go let go let go.

Which brings me to the New Moon, in Scorpio, soon. When we begin again. Let us prepare by turning within, to scour out what’s in there that we no longer need.

Here’s an unusually well written write-up on the upcoming New Moon.

New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th 

P.S. I just thanked Dan again for doing that gunk job, especially since he’s so sensitive to odors. Really appreciated not having to call a plumber!

He responds, “We’ll just add it to my name, ‘Dirty Dan.'”

“Huh? Dirty Dan???”

“Yep. Sometime in junior high, somebody started calling me Dirty Dan, and the name stuck. Even now, when I go home some old friends see me and say, “Hi Dirt!”


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