Some Reflections on the Current Historical Moment

Two interesting, way larger than usual, perspectives to ponder:

Sleeping Dragon Awakens: Chinese Alternative to American Mayhem 




Re: this election, see Katherine Austin Fitts, a newly won Trump supporter:

My son, Colin Cudmore of the Garden Tower Project, told me at lunch today that I need to watch Trump’s “Gettysburg Address.” Will do.

My friend Ted, at Oakwood Center, tells me to watch Michael Moore in Trumpland. Said I’ll be surprised. Can’t seem to figure out how to purchase it, however . . .

Meanwhile, one thing I do know. I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton, a guardian Athena archetype, but without wisdom. I’m stunned and surprised that women gravitate to her just because she has a vagina and breasts. Think for yourselves, women! Do you want more and more and more endless war? Do you want the Military Industrial Complex to continue to ruin earth and earthlings in the name of “national security”? Do you want a certified New World Order globalist who demonizes Putin and Russia?

Colin and I agree. If Trump does not win (and no doubt polls are rigged), then we are in a pre-revolutionary moment. The long-suppressed national cultural shadow has been activated. Can we fractious Americans learn — and quickly — how to consciously and non-violently work with erupting energies? Stay tuned.

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