5 wk trip, day 29-30: In the Pioneer Saloon, with sister Kristin

At last, the first sibling reunion since sister Mary and our parents all died, three expected deaths within four years; we meet again in our old stomping grounds, the Wood River Valley in Idaho. Ensconced in a large rental house with six bedrooms and a hot tub  on the deck (two of us are out there right now just after 6 am), we hunker down for the expected snow and rain.

Here’s me and Kris, the oldest and the youngest, the smallest and the biggest, last night at the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum, where some of us used to congregate in youth, and where we met last night for our first dinner of the reunion, and then went to Atkinson’s to get food for the house fridge.


Don’t really know how much I will blog during this five-day reunion. Perhaps just pics once in a while. It’s the grand finale of my five week trip, uncannily timed for the upcoming extraordinary Aries Full Moon (see this and this).


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2 Responses to 5 wk trip, day 29-30: In the Pioneer Saloon, with sister Kristin

  1. Jay Pace says:

    So sorry to have missed you and yours in Ketchum this summer. We have no internet connection there… You could have all come to our cabin and hot spring and we would have invited you to the Pioneer Moon ranch, formerly Crazy M – Steve McQueens Ranch and house up the Triumpth Road! Our son Arek manages. Next summey perhaps?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow, Jay! I would have loved to visit you in your cabin and dip into your hot spring. Though I am guided to remain in the midwest, my soul belongs in the mountains of Idaho. Yes, perhaps next summer. Love to you!

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