More on this weekend’s fiery Aries full moon: Let us transform the meaning of “go nuclear”!

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-19-40-amIn the first post on this subject, both Coppolino and I focused on the possible (probable, in some circles!) negative manifestations of the upcoming fiery full moon in Aries, due to its conjunction with Eris/Uranus.

Now let me tell you: As a woman now 73 years old who was born only 17 days after the first atomic fission experiment under the stands in Chicago, my soul choosing a day and time when Sun was rising along with Mars all in fiery Sagittarius, with Mars sitting only 1° from exact opposition from Uranus; and furthermore, whose soul then placed natal Eris, goddess of discontent, exactly conjunct the root (IC) point of my chart where it opposes peace-seeking Neptune in Libra and squares controlling Venus/Mercury in Capricorn, I believe I can safely say that I know damn well what fiery tempestuous acting out of flashing ego needs is all about.

So the point of the first post, that, given the danger, we need to actually go against the natural flow of the full moon energies, and instead be very careful and cautious this weekend and into Monday, i.e., don’t stir up trouble because any spark might ignite a conflagration, is a point well taken. We don’t want to “go nuclear” over anything, anything!

However, and this is important: it’s also high time for us to recognize that these periods of intense fiery energies are also opportunities for intense creative expression, indeed that these are the very moments when the universe magnetizes currents that carry miracles from every direction and dimension, concentrating them into mighty rivers of powerful momentum for enormous change, ignition, initiation, transmutation.

As we continue to flail about, tossed to and fro by huge tumultuous energies of contention and conflict that riddle our world and especially during this month, magnified by media, loaded into both Trump and Clinton as polarized “devils” upon whom we project our own internal hatred, our own internal corruption, lies, power-hunger and ego-ridden narcissism, let us not forget this fact. This very same intense fiery energy can be harnessed and channelled into creative endeavors of all kinds, promethean advances to serve the return of Earth and earthlings to her promised paradise.

I’m reminded of an sudden, blinding insight I had decades ago: that the very same image, of the “nuclear explosion” that we so fear, if meditated upon consciously and with focused awareness, can be reconfigured into an extraordinary, even supernatural! — symbol for divine explosion of human creativity upon our sorrowing, beleagered mother planet.

Let it be so!




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