5 week trip, day 22-24, part 1: UFO in Helena, lymphatic foot bath competition, Ascension of Mount Ascension, Edge Riders! — and Green Acres, again!

Trying to remember what we did and in what order over the last two days! Thelma and Louise (aka Joan and Ann) were really rollin’!

First, a bit more on the UFO evening, that night I arrived from Coeur d’Alene. The Jesse Marcel Library was established by a local resident and retired anesthesiologist, Richard O’Conner.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-53-40-amLocal ufologists and other interested people hold meetings here once a week, which an amazing number of people attend.

O’Conner was recently featured in the local news:

An Otherworldly Outlook

Tuesday evening’s program was an unusual one: two short plays, both intersecting in some way with “alien” life. Here’s the poster that announced the event.


I admit, I did not expect to “like” these performances, and told the author so, afterwards. But, guess what? I loved them, both their content (one of them showing Adam, Eve, and Lilith, from Zacharia Sitchen’s point of view), and in performance. While comic in tone, playwriter Pamela Mencher is truly a serious, archetypal thinker, offering a multidimensional point of view. Plus, the actors, members of a local troupe, were both intense and hilarious.

That’s Pamela, on the left, with a sly look on her face.


O’Connor is now teaching a class in UFO at continuing ed through Helena College. How many local communities can boast this kind of openness?

The next day, after spending the morning in our usual ongoing conversation, wondering about the veracity of this otherworldly claim or that, Joan and I decided to do “Aqua Chi,” immersing our feet in a 30-minute “lymphatic foot bath” that draws out toxins from the body, including heavy metals. We made a competition out of it. Which organs were being cleansed, and whose water would be the most gross at the end?

color-chart  Joan went first.

joan-clear-water   About 15 minutes in . .  .joan-part-way-thruThen me.

me-clearme-part-way-throughIn the end our filthy waters were virtually identical. Note below, the dark greenish tinge: gall bladder!


Afterwards, newly cleansed, we decided to ascend Ascension Peak, and did so, over a two-hour period, continuing our usual conversation about strange goings on, and “what really, is real?” while huffing and puffing all the way up. On the way down we noticed that we have both, recently, and unknown to the other, begun calling ourselves Edge Rider!


Here’s Joan, on the saddle between two small peaks.

joan-on-saddleBTW: for the first time in my life I decided not to climb to “the top” (about 20 feet further up), in the interests of seeing what it feels like not to claim “victory.” I found it an interesting attitudinal adjustment . . .


Here’s Helena, from part way down.


That evening I presented the Evolution of Green Acres again, to a group of about 15 people, five of whom, says Joan’s partner Max, are “movers and shakers” of the local movement here to build resilient community via gardens and other means. Afterwards, a good discussion, though Joan said she feels that some people in the audience may not have understood what I mean about “shadow work.” Oh well! This business of first, making conscious, then taking back “projections” i.e., of consciously integrating into awareness what we most do not like about ourselves on a continuing basis is, unfortunately, still all too rare in this culture that is built on needing an enemy to continue the game of war.

Part II follows, hopefully this morning, or if not, then soon!

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