Jill Stein, on how to elevate a “presidential debate”

Rather than engaging in meaningless blather about which revolting candidate “won” that first disgusting “debate,” we the people know we need to dig down, talk about what’s really happening and why, and how to change it. Like Jill Stein wants to do.

But of course the “rules” — set by the corrupt two parties, forbid three or more candidates from appearing in the polarized presidential circus.

And perhaps the corrupt crystalization of the corporatized system is itself so top-heavy that all we can do  is withdraw our energy from it. In other words, might we boycott the presidential part of the upcoming election en masse?

Meanwhile, for this next month, do our homework. Look up the past behavior (not just the promises) of anyone running for office in or for our own state, county, city. Then, go to the polls on election day, vote for a new congress and senate, and on down. Focus especially on local levels, where can still look each other in the eye, see how we actually act in public, and then vote accordingly.

The debate we should have: Trump, Stein, and Clinton



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