5 week trip, day 20: our extended entranced entanglement

More and more, throughout this five week spiral journey, I sense the connective tissue of community that holds little ol’ pilgrim me in our arms, as one tiny node of all-pervasive awareness attuned to one tiny material form participating in the vast oceanic communication/connectedness that envelops and breathes through us all, despite our thinking that we are separate, despite the isolating steel skins in which we enclose ourselves as we drive, preoccupied, down asphalt or concrete roads that flatten earth and prevent her shoots from arising, despite the gigantic buildings that we erect in vain attempts to get and stay “above it all.” There is no above, there is no below, there is only this extended, entranced entanglement of all our thoughts, moods, desires, dreams, plans.

See each of us as a tiny tree, or large tree, holding in conscious or (more likely) unconscious temporary form a tiny flame of the universal fire that continuously warms, heats, destroys, releases, and regenerates the living light of the divine.

Big salmon dinner this evening with sibs who live in Seattle: Brother John (and partner Jeannie), brother-in-law John, sisters Kristin (and Matt), Marnie (and Mick), plus several kids and grandkids.

Then, tomorrow, for this pilgrim, on to Coeur d’Alene, and niece Korrine, her permaculture group, an evening slide show on the Evolution of Green Acres Village.

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