5 week trip, day 19: Late afternoon views from brother John’s condo

img_4109 img_4110

Living in the sheltered midwest, I miss these big western skies.

And I miss my puppy now, away from that shelter.

The spiral is to turn again soon, this time arcing east, and then south, looping through Coeur d’Alene, Helena, Lander, Lava Hot Springs, and on to Hailey Idaho, the final destination. Fly home one week later after sibling reunion.

It’s odd, BTW, to be alone “on the road” when there’s talk of World War III. Of course that kind of talk is endemic; our world is riddled with impending and ongoing catastrophes. Is this time “worse”? Probably. And yet, whatever is happening is what is happening. Nothing I can do about that, as wise husband Jeff used to counsel.

So I might as well relax.

No sense running scared.

Still reading Starhawk’s City of Refuge.



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