5 week trip, day 18: HILDEGARD!

Yesterday evening’s Hildegard event — orchestrated, we all sensed, by Hildegard herself! — worked wonders within us all. Not only that, but long-term exopermaculture reader and Seattle-ite Mitch Mattraw attended, thanks to an alert from fellow Indiana blogger Laura Bruno, who asked him, “Are you going to Ann’s event tonight? She’s in Seattle!”

Mitch happens to be a professional videographer, and he volunteered to video the presentation. Whoopee! Afterwards he said: “Give me two weeks, and I’ll get something to you for review.” YES! So, hopefully, the event will reside permanently on this blog.

Meanwhile, here’s the first slide of the presentation which was a about 30 minutes long.


Afterwards, we took a long break for wine and cheese and crackers, and then fell into another hour of intense discussion, 20 of us sitting in a circle, telling of our experiences with Hildegard. Given that I have had such little time with this historical personage, it was wonderful for me to be able to absorb something of the stories of others with long-time deep penetration into the vast and variegated mystery of the Hildegardian compendium.

I realize that my task here, in my current role as the wandering Fool, was simply to drop in a potent little seed. Seattle will take it from here.



Brother-in-law John Cowan is setting up a closed fb page for anyone in the Pacific Northwest who feels called to join the committee to put on the Hildegard Festival early in 2017.

His email: johncowan1104@gmail.com.


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  1. Erika Keller Rogoff says:

    I can’t wait to see the video. Exciting and wonderful journey. Your blogs are terrific. Thank you.

  2. Is there any other details regarding to this subject in different languages?

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