5 wk trip, day 7: with Julie, in Fairfax, CA

Before I turn my car to go north, I had to go south to catch up with old friend Julia, who, this morning, is still sleeping on the floor. She gave me her bed. True friendship!


Early morning, Fairfax, California.


Julia’s house sits on a steep hillside.


Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed take-out food from Good Earth, which bills itself as “Marin’s independent organic and natural foods grocer. Since 1969!”(Julia tells me that Whole Foods modeled its ambiance on this grocery store. )


And then, of course, we delved into multiple realities, as usual. I miss her presence in Bloomington, only four doors down from me, where, starting in 2004 she and I and others originally began to drum up interest in reconnecting our Green Acres neighborhood.

Julia also treated me to a session with essential oils, instructing me how to choose the oils that would go into my special vial. Here’s the list, chosen from what my nose was telling me:

For the base: cacao 12 drops, balsam 6 drops, mushroom 2 drops

For the middle (heart): jasmine 10 drops, rose ten drops

For the top (head): bergamot 20 drops.


And, we watched an extraordinary performance by a friend of hers, who Julia originally met in a sound healing class. Well worth 15 minutes of my time. Among other wonders, the dance demonstrates dimensional morphing, and the slow transmutation of human feeling.

We’re off to breakfast and then I’m headed to Ashland, and another old friend, Carol Rosin.


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