Saturn square Neptune during Jupiter crossing: Welcome to this Fool’s Fall into Mystery

Tomorrow, at 3 A.M., September 13, I begin a humungous five-week road trip, flying to San Francisco, and then spiraling up northern California through Oregon to Seattle, over to Montana, down through Wyoming, into Idaho, ending up in Sun Valley for our large sibling reunion October 13-18. The first week of the journey will be taken up with the North American Permaculture Convergence in Hopland California, where I will participate in a Forum on “Resilient Neighborhoods” and present a slide show on the Evolution of Green Acres Village. On this journey I will also offer presentations on Green Acres, The Worldview of Hildegard of Bingen, and the Baby Picture Project in Seattle, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Helena, Montana.

Fiery New Moon in Sagittarius Ignites Spiral Journey Road Trip

And, just to make this extended journey more “interesting,” I “chose” (who chose? which part of me chose? why would I choose this?) to start the trip only two days after the third exact square between Saturn and Neptune, a rare aspect which continuously dissolves forms, and makes it exceedingly difficult to set goals and make plans that “stick”; moreover, the first nine days of this Saturn/Neptune journey take place during during a Mercury retrograde period! Given these two current astrological indications, it’s hard to imagine — in fact, I can’t imagine a less auspicious time to travel.

Plus, for me, transit Saturn and Neptune, at 10° of Sagittarius and Pisces, sit only 3° away from squaring and opposing my natal Saturn at 7° Gemini. So let’s face facts, folks. For me, this stress is not just universal, it’s personal.

Saturn: focus, focus, focus. Consciously work to set very clear goal and intent.

Neptune: surrender to the unseen, the invisible powers at play behind 3D reality.

Indeed, set my intent so clearly and with such awareness that the universe aligns itself in support of my every move, swerves into formation on either side of me, parting the veils of illusion and deception to reveal the workings of Mystery.

220px-rws_tarot_00_foolExtremely challenging, this spiral journey during a time of Saturn/Neptune confusion. But then, as a fiery double Sagittarian, I’m up for the challenge, magnetized by the unknown. Leaning into the far horizon, I surrender to the vibrating aliveness of the Love that fills and fuels the universe, grateful for this waving breath, this thrumming heart, this seasoned body that forks me into the middle of it all — all of it! —squirming with joy..

Besides, there is one aspect that all by itself, during this exact period of time, lightens the Saturn/Neptune load: Jupiter, the grand ruler of my Sagittarian chart, happens to be on its once-every-12-year crossing over my Midheaven during this same journey, making “expansion” of the Midheaven path automatic. No wonder I set it up this way. (But again, which “I” — soul, personality, subconscious? Hmmmm.)

I did not look at the astrology when I decided to make the trip. I never do. Instead, I make plans, and then look at the astrology, to see what I just dreamed up.

You might say that I’m the perpetual Fool, ready to step off of any cliff into space.

So . . . what all this means is that it’s hard to say when or where I will be blogging during these five weeks, or what form blogposts will take. Maybe just a paragraph with a photo once in a while, to indicate where I’ve currently landed. Who knows? We’ll see!

Adios amigos!


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  1. Happy, safe, exciting travels!!

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