9/11/2016: 15th Anniversary: A Study In Contrasts

So, today, I was thankful that no nasty false flags (that I know of) were perpetrated on this day which 15 years ago sealed the entire U.S. population into massive PTSD. A whole lot of us have awakened since then, some even because of that event. Indeed, 9/11 was, as we tell each other, along with the JFK assasination, the litmus test. Those who still go along with the official story don’t pass the test. And guess what? That includes Noam Chomsky!

In any case, I decided not to post any of the interesting material that I found online today, except one, the already viral video of Hillary Clinton leaving the 9/11/16 Memorial event in some kind of obvious distress. Alfred Weber thinks she experienced a Directed Energy Weapon attack. True?

Meanwhile, in terms of my own personal life, I was feeling as if I needed to lay low today, as part of preparing for my huge five-week road trip starting at 3 A.M. Tuesday. But: about an hour ago, on facebook, this plea:


Yep! It just so happens that Summer and family live only two blocks away. So I packed a bottle of Shiraz in a backpack and set off on foot with puppy Shadow.

On my return, parked in the driveway was Ma Lein’s carr. She had just arrived to gift me with a sweet four-faced Buddhist statue from Thailand.

The synchronicity is awesome. Instantaneous reciprocity within the gifting culture.




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