Geopolitical Machinations Department: Prepare to be surprised. But how?

images-1Last night I listened to Kerry Cassidy’s current interview with Simon Parkes, featuring his latest intel on Merkel’s call for German people to prepare themselves by having two weeks worth of food and water. For what? We cannot help but ask. The Czech Republic and Finland followed suit. A very interesting interview, indicating, as usual, the flailing American hegemon’s behind-the-scenes skullduggery which, more and more, seems to want to kiss the lips of Armageddon — and, apparently, just can’t wait until warmonger Hillary gets in. If she gets in. If the upcoming election is even held.

Hmmm. Is  Mike Adams over at natural news is seeking to make hay (by selling preparedness products) from his assessment that no matter who wins, there will be blood?

Chaos will erupt across America — no matter who wins the election.

Does he exaggerate?

Paul Craig Roberts:

Can Americans Overthrow the Evil that Rules them?

Meanwhile, very interesting news from both Brezinski, the architect of the New World Order —

The Broken Chessboard: Brzezenski Gives Up on Empire

— as well as from someone who apparently knows Russia inside and out, and recognizes that Putin and his countrymen and women live within a very different mindset and spiritual basis that we in the west. A very interesting long read by someone who may be the voice of Henry Kissinger today.

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Both are “elder statesmen” in the neo-liberal/neo-con world, and that they both may be shifting their perspective is, we can hope, very good news — since at least up until this point, these are the people whose expertise Hillary has appreciated.


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