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Florida graffiti spells out what’s ahead, plus new LOCAL photos

Mystery graffiti with grim message appears on abandoned SoBe tower Of course the letters of this message, very neatly done, were painted over within hours. For more on Florida’s disappearing land, see The Atlantic: Preparing for the Inevitable Sea Level Rise … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. . . . HAARP changes (sleight of?) hands, and trots out P.R.

This just in from a close relative, who used to live in Alaska. Interesting. My question: what is the REAL relationship between new and old owners? Furthermore, that they should feel the need for reassuring P.R. is also curious. I … Continue reading

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Timothy Leary, from Fulsom Prison, 1973: “Am I insane? That’s a very tricky question. . .

. . . There’s something very ominous about calling anybody who disagrees with you insane.” If ever there was a time when we can use Timothy Leary’s irrepressible optimism in the face of whatever to kick us in the butt, it … Continue reading

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We begin to spread the word about Green Acres Village

In case you were wondering why I don’t post as much as before, it’s because I’m otherwise engaged! A few months ago, it was to prepare a powerpoint presentation on Hildegard of Bingen’s world-view: Hildegard Festival: Let us become the … Continue reading

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Jon Rappoport: The Veil — the Matrix — “is a curtain madly drawn over the creative force.”

As, once again, I celebrate my deceased husband Jeff Joel’s August 22nd birthday, I am reminded of his endless refrain, whenever I got impatient: “Just remember Ann, we’re making it all up.” Jon Rappoport also sees through the rigid Matrix concoction. The creative force … Continue reading

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Annals of Spectacular Deception: Darth Soros, plus The Missing Trillions (again)

And see this: Anybody who still thinks things are as they seem has another think coming. In fact, you might just want go sit on the toilet and wait for the big dump of whatever it is that is stuck in … Continue reading

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Spectacular crop circle mystery deepens — and more: Linda Moulton Howe vs. Colin Andrews

Remember this, from a few days ago? Spectacular New Crop Circle I followed that post two days later with this — a company logo, perhaps implying that the crop circle might be a commercial marketing ploy, like the one in California two years … Continue reading

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Wow! Shifts Underway in U.S. Justice?

On both official and local levels, are we the people beginning to see through the hype that privatization and uniforms have placed between our manufactured personas and our beautiful original selves?  

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