Florida graffiti spells out what’s ahead, plus new LOCAL photos

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.55.33 AMMystery graffiti with grim message appears on abandoned SoBe tower

Of course the letters of this message, very neatly done, were painted over within hours.

For more on Florida’s disappearing land, see The Atlantic:

Preparing for the Inevitable Sea Level Rise

Looking into the future, it appears that water will be the deciding factor for climate refugees. Not enough water in the west, leading to eastward migration. Seawater rise and contamination along eastern seaboard, leading to westward migration — both to the midwest? — where we sit, in Bloomington, Indiana, with, so far, plenty of water (somewhat contaminated by Big Ag north of us) — and who knows what other perils lie ahead.

Breathe, Ann, breath. Center yourself within the whirling dervish of this climactic era. Help create and promote islands of stability, security, sanity and abundance inside the accelerating epocalypse.

Which reminds me: Here are two photos taken last night, at our first weekly Community Dinner of the Fall Semester 2016. Theme? “Garden Goodies.”


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.36.42 AM

This morning, new housemate Dan was hard at work making another batch of his fabulous kraut, which we are already deeming the first product in what will be our new “Green Acres Alchemy” line.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.30.19 AM


A few days ago, Dan helped me with a side garden tangled with all sorts of stuff, including little trees. He pulled up this root with our Puller Bear. What a doozie!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.27.53 AM

This morning, we finally bit the bullet and had Adrian Heil tree service cut down the dead tree in Overhill front yard — which left, in me, a feeling of overwhelming sadness, and gratitude, for that maple tree’s sixty years of shade for humans, companionship for birds and insects, and carbon dioxide absorption through its beautiful green breathing. Inexplicable, how this sadness holds on. Thank you, thank you.


We’ll turn most of the tree’s remains into another long hugelkultur bed — right there, defining the edge of the property, with the stump as its midpoint and leaving a path for neighbors and mailman to cut through the yards — and cut the rest for firewood. Adrian asked for a Garden Tower as part of the deal. For his Mom! Good. As soon as my son Colin can get him one it’s done.

Running through my head this morning, “The only thing constant is change.” 



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