Just another rainy day report. Shadows, crop circles, cots, what is real? and Gilda Radner

On this early morning of, what is it, the 10th day of what seems like near-continuous rain?


— the sump pumps are (mostly) working — one requires a little manual jiggle once in a while — and the incipient flea infestation still being held to below full-on take-over (need to ramp up to vacuuming EVERY SINGLE DAY until those three little ones stop nursing, go to their new homes, and Brie can then treat the mother who arrived as a stray pregnant cat, for fleas). Meanwhile, my brother-in-law John, who visited here from Seattle over the weekend and who tried to fly back yesterday from Indianapolis only to be first delayed by tornado alert at the airport, then missed his next plane, then a man at the ticket counter, in an example of “reverse racism” completely ignored him! Oh wow, then on his way to the airport hotel he witnessed 100s of cots laid out at O’Hare — geez, we wonder, some kind of “drill” planned to go live? —

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.07.43 AM

Hopefully, he made the 6:30 AM flight out today. Then there are my relatives in Louisiana, who really are dealing with all the rain, in a way unimaginable to this one who sits mostly privileged on “Overhill” Drive, in Bloomington, IN.

However, will puppy Shadow go out and pee in the rain? Or will he choose to wait it out, like he did last night. Hmmm. When did he go last?

Okay okay. All these quotidian, single silly details I set in a line to show the immediate stuff preoccupying me here. But not really. I’m still mostly centered, and continuously practicing “equanimity,” or “Be at ease with whatever’s arising . . .”

Meanwhile, I see Zen Gardner is been subjected to vicious attacks for having, and then airing, his own “shadow stuff.” (Plus, reports are that others called him out on it, and so he had to go public. Hmmm. True? What’s true? And how do you know? And will it always be true?)

Let’s face it: who, just who in 3D reality, doesn’t project a big long shadow? Check out C.J. Jung’s quotes on the shadow. Here’s one:

If you imagine someone who is brave enough to withdraw all his projections, then you get an individual who is conscious of a pretty thick shadow. Such a man has saddled himself with new problems and conflicts. He has become a serious problem to himself, as he is now unable to say that they do this or that, they are wrong, and they must be fought against… Such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own shadow he has done something real for the world. He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day.

Zen Gardner is being called a psychopath. Not the first time I’ve heard this word bandied about recently, in even personal circles. Hmmm. Psychopath. How many living, embodied humans really are “psychopathic”? In my experience, despite the small number of entitled assholes who choose to live only for themselves at the expense of everybody else, and who, unfortunately, still enjoy a massive advantage economically which then systemically screws both the rest of humanity and the Mother Earth, I sense that most people, underneath all the layers of trauma and conditioning and whatever masks were forced on their fresh innocent childhood faces, are and remain sweet. Just plain sweet. Sweet-natured. That’s what we really are, were we to live undisturbed. But of course, we don’t live undisturbed. Certainly not in in this still early 21st century when a wild tumbling melee of powerful forces — galactic, geomagnetic, geopolitical, cultural, technological, interpersonal, psychic forces — threaten to overwhelm even the strongest, best-intentioned among us.

Of course, I’d love to think that the latest, as well as lots of other crop circles, are the work of “good ETs.”  Oh, but wait a minute . . . Oh yeah, wouldn’t you know, this new crop circle looks uncannily similar to a commercial logo.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.23.26 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.20.49 AM


Again, what’s true? What’s real?

Listen to your beating heart! Feel the rhythm of your beautiful breath. These are true. As long as you and I are living as embodied beings, our beating hearts and our rhythmic breathing are real and true. All the rest is mental, made up, then projected, out.

How creative we are! How full of imagination, despite our best efforts to keep ourselves “in,” to “follow the rules”! Let us celebrate the continuous, kaleidoscopic complexity of all that is, and was, and will be. Let us welcome the rain, and the verdant, gushing love that fills and fuels the intense, multilayered, multidimensional Mystery that surrounds us and to which we are, whether we “know” it or not, intimately surrendered.

Meanwhile, here’s Gilda. To make us laugh.


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