August 12, 2016: Spectacular New Crop Circle

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 8.04.17 AMFor more views of this gorgeous, enormous circle that for me, at least, reminds us to remember and reconnect with Mother Earth, via the three “leaves” in the center:


Here’s Carol Rosin’s new two hour show with crop circle expert Suzanne Taylor, who produced a movie about the phenomenon: What on Earth. Haven’t listened to it yet.

Here are two reviews of On the Edge of Reality, well known and long term crop circle expert Colin Andrews’ nuanced — and fascinating — changed view of crop circles.

Andy Lloyd’s Reviews: On the Edge of Reality

Sean Castel, review of On the Edge of Reality

I, personally, loved the book. And I echo the author, his remark:

“I am left with many questions related to crop circles. It seems many of the mysterious happenings might be created together through the combination of spiritual, human, and Earth energy aligned together.” (p189)


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