David Icke’s History of the Archons

I found myself glued to this nearly 3-hour presentation yesterday, itself only the second segment of David Icke’s follow-the-dots marathon spectaculars to audiences of thousands that frame up again and again, ways in which I — and we? — can, over and over again, in myriads of ways, while reconsideringt myriads of “issues,” see/feel the hierarchical, interconnected structures that tie this world together in a tangled knot of corporations created by the blood-lines that reach back to the “archons” (gnostic) — also called “demons” (Christian), or “Jinn” (Islamic) or “Flyers” (Carlos Casteneda’s Central American shaman Don Juan ) — that supposedly hijacked humanity from our original, heart-centered, “Avatar” state of blissful connection with Nature.

I admit, yesterday was the first time I actually slowed myself down enough to watch a significant segment of his day-long show. I’m glad I did. I may do more. I picked the “archon” segment, because when I first came across this notion, in John Lamb Lash’s book Not In His Image, I was so appalled I put the book down.

And then picked it up a year later, and managed to finish it. I’m still appalled. But it’s an extraordinary book!

David Icke, who has been relentlessly vilified because of his original claim that royal blood lines are “reptilian,” puts that in context as well as what he refers to as the “archontic” element. It’s his context, of course, his point of view, what he would call his “point of attention,” (as “infinite consciousness having a human experience);”  but there are so many ways in which what he says dovetails with my own “point of attention” (as “infinite consciousness having a human experience)” — and so many places where he offers threads of connection which hadn’t yet occurred to me, that yesterday’s marathon session was both compelling and deeply appreciated.

I invite you to consider this as a multi-layered gestalt of what we are learning to call the “Matrix” which entangles us all in layers of conditioning — until we wake up! How do we wake up? By shifting our center of gravity from the gut (where we are emotionally dragged to and fro by outside triggers designed to put us into fear so that our “loosh” can be harvested as food by those “reptilian” overlords!) to the heart. Once we center in the heart, once we open to the spaciousness of our own unique portal to infinite consciousness, we are free. Love replaces fear. From then on, rather than praying for salvation, we can play with creation. Rather than be played, or preyed upon, we laugh at how we used to take it all so seriously, how we used to think that reality was rigid and controlled; we realize that everything is continuously being created and recreated, by others — or by ourselves.

So. Who’s in charge? I am! You are!


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