Creative Fire of Desire! Today’s New Moon in Leo occurs within two hours of Mars re-entering Sagittarius

Finally, after more than two months, Mars completes its scouring of the emotional sign of Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius. (See this, this, and more.) And does so within hours of today’s Leo New Moon. Congratulations to all of us for getting through it! Especially those who have faced extraordinary challenges. For me it was several personal relationships that “went sour.” One cleared yesterday, and hopefully, the other, deeper one, will clear in the next few days. Plus, all over my body for two weeks during the time that Mars exactly opposed my 23°02 Taurus Moon, big, smarting, hot boils! Plus, my hearing was severely curtailed during the entire time Mars scoured Scorpio, only completely clearing yesterday! Amazing timing.

Do take the time to listen to Eric Francis of He’s especially good at spreading out astrological currents of complexity and then reintegrating the bits and pieces, all the while elucidating how the cosmic process mirrors our very human one.



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