Presidential Selection Chronicles: No matter who “wins,” are we f*cked?

I tend to trust Lada Ray’s predictions more than most. And her current post is especially delicious, mocking the DNC’s further demonization of Putin by saying Russian hackers stole the emails. But then, as she says, if true, well good for them, the timing is perfect.

Wikileaks: Clinton-DNC collusion revelation: Did Russians hack DNC to help Trump?

And I stand by my own prediction (where is that blogpost? Can no longer find it . . .)  that this achingly slow Mars in Scorpio transit will activate the trigger that takes the ground out from under Hillary’s entitled, war-mongering feet. Let’s hope so. As Putin warned:

Putin warns of nuclear war

This is not hyperbole. This is real. See Paul Craig Roberts:

Approach to Armaggedon

Putin’s rare, even “aggressive” insistence in the video with journalists in the url shown above, has been toned down in a current interview, also with a western journalist,  where he gently chides Fareek Zakaria for going along with official U.S. doctrine that Putin and Russia are the “aggressors:”

Meanwhile, does the DNC or Clinton, or Bernie, for that matter, ever question official U.S. policy towards Russia? Do any of them mention the current US/NATO war games and aggressive positioning on Russia’s western borders? Not in my lifetime — so far. Trump may question our Russian policy, and good for him, but his impulsive narcissism might just inadvertently push the nuclear trigger anyhow. For an incredible interview with the remorseful author who ghost-wrote Trump’s Art of The Deal, see the current New Yorker, where Tony Schwartz claims that Trump’s biggest character-flaw is not just his easy, habitual lying (which he has in common with Clinton and just about every other politician or otherwise public figure who is capable of being blackmailed), but the fact that his attention span (for anything other than self-aggrandizement) is extremely short, like non-existent.

Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All

Asked what he would call that book, if he were to retitle it now. He answered, “The Sociopath.”

So yeah, most likely, no matter who “wins,” we’re fucked. So don’t go there. Don’t focus your precious energy on that seemingly inevitable eventuality. Rather, shift timelines. Go within, to root out the traces of deceit, cut-throat competition, and yes, war-mongering still rotting our souls from western cultural conditioning into predatory capitalism. And go without — to family, friends, neighbors. Especially neighbors. You, we, are all in this together. Whatever “goes down,” we need to feel our connectedness now, so that we can access the trust and resilience needed to overcome societal breakdown. For breakdown does appear inevitable. And, if enough of us are conscious, then we can shift into breakthrough — to the other side, the blinding, joyful recognition that all species on this planet and in the cosmos are held in a resonant field, vibrating together, breathing together, feeling as one single interconnected Being.

Back to prep for Hildegard, who, by the way, lived in a similarly dark time when it appeared the world was ending. And I quote:

“There is the Music of Heaven in all things and we have forgotten how to hear it until we sing.”

So sing, damn it, SING!



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  1. Christopher Crockett says:

    Re the New Yorker piece by The Trumpster’s amanuensis

    a book dealer friend of mine copped a Pb copy of _Art_ at the county sail a few months ago for $1.25, put it up on one of The Innernets for sale and it sold for $40 almost immediately.

    Being somewhat knowledgeable about book values myself (25+ years in the bidness), when he bot it I offered to sign it for him to enhance its worth, but he turned me down.

    And now says that he regrets doing that.


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