Let us reframe our understanding of current events: from (paranoid?) meta-narrative to miraculous metamorphosis

Is Jon Rappoport correct? Is there an unseen, but comprehensive meta-narrative that is driving this summer’s seeming acceleration of violent, destructive, chaotic events? Perhaps. However, we need to remember that we are inside a zeitgeistian period of immense power and destabilization, as newly discovered Eris, goddess of discontent, makes an extremely rare conjunction with unpredictable, wild card Uranus, in the sign of Aries, new beginnings.

Shooting cops across America: guidance from above

July 18, 2016

by Jon Rappoport


The protests and the violence started as a response to what has been happening in inner cities: the police killing innocent people. That was the heavily promoted media and political narrative.

And cops-killing-innocent-black-people was framed as the biggest problem of inner cities.


Cops shooting innocent people in inner cities does NOT describe the root of what’s been going on in American ghettoes.

Loss of manufacturing jobs, owing to Globalist trade treaties; gang crime; drugs; poverty; absolute dependence on government for survival—now you’re talking about the roots of the devastation.

But that wasn’t the preferred narrative.

So instead, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and affiliated groups have received special attention from above: the President, the US Attorney General, George $oros, and so on.

The objective?

Among others, to present the entire picture of inner cities in America as: cops killing innocent people.

It’s a form of community organizing. Find an issue, any issue that ignites the population of the target group, push it, inflame it, get people out on the street, provoke violence.

End game? The elite end game? Make gun ownership illegal. Install what amounts to a national police force, where every community is ultimately run from the federal level.

Does this do anything to improve life in inner cities?

Of course not. That was never the true goal.

All this guidance and funding from above for BLM and similar groups…it’s not about making life better for anyone.

There are untold numbers of inner-city residents, at this very moment, holed up in their homes, who have been hoping for real solutions for decades. And they know, as they watch the street protests and street violence unfolding, day after day, that nothing good is going to come out of this. They know. But nobody is listening to them.

They’re the silent majority. The people on streets (some of whom have been bused in from other places) are the headline grabbers.

And then put a few snipers and shooters into the mix, and you have an irresistible media propaganda exploitation campaign. Otherwise known as the news. And you have cops dying.

The landscape of the Presidential season is a perfect backdrop. Hillary (“the healer”) vs. Trump (“he’s to blame for everything”).

Obama’s agenda in all this isn’t difficult to spot. During his term in office, he’s continued to permit the federal government to militarize police forces all over the country. Heavier weapons and equipment, fit for a full-bore Army.

Why would he allow this, unless he were aiming toward an escalation of conflict between citizens and cops? And where would the conflict focus most fully? In inner cities. And who would ultimately win? The police/army, of course.

Meanwhile, from his elevated position, he encourages BLM protests.

***He’s playing both sides against the middle.

The murders of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge are lead-ups and previews to the nominating conventions of both Parties. These murders send a signal to those disposed toward violence: keep going.

The federal government positions itself as the ultimate solver of the problem, which is presented and ground down to skin color as the only issue.

The government loves everyone, the government cares, the government particularly cares about the underdog and the victim, but the government is also outfitting police forces all over America with wartime gear, so it can “wage peace.”

This puts every police force in the country in the center of the storm—as both aggressor and target.

And behind and above those police forces, the government is saying:

“We give and we take. We decide how it will go on any given day. Will we declare sympathy for violent people in the streets, or will we crush them? It’s up to us. Stay inside and stay tuned. Keep the news on. Vicariously experience the adrenaline surge of fight-or-flight. It’s our movie. We’re producing it.”

It’s called mind control.


In contrast to the idea of a meta-narrative, I’d prefer to see what we are going through on this planet as metamorphosis. Like the monarch butterfly, while in chrysallis form we must undergo an immense struggle to  “work the skin up and the body down.” Skin up: the fiat money matrix that has ruled us for too long. Body down — to the good Earth, where we belong. 

Meanwhile, here’s an example of the kind of  critical change that can occur when we wake up to the fact that each of us is precious and worthy of love, no matter how we differ in our political views, color, gender, religion, nationality, or roles in society. For  if there really is a meta-narrative driving the “cops vs protestors” line, then this line can and must be crossed, everywhere, in all localities. Perhaps take off the uniforms too? Or at least the badges? The armor? The boots? 

Though the following action took place three years ago, let’s make this video go viral, be seen by every local police department in the world. 

Police in Thailand Put Weapons Down and Join Protestors

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