Last Night’s Nightmare: Mine? Ours?

nightmar2Nightmares, for me, arise few and far between. In fact, until last night, I can’t even remember the last time I woke up at 3 A.M., body frozen in alarm.

My nightmare:

I am in an empty upstairs room in an apartment building, with a small child in my care. I am watching out the window as, below, several teenagers pile into an old white beater of a car that then revs up and starts off down the road. Then it stops. They get out, and haul out something that they have apparently discovered in the trunk. It’s huge (doesn’t really fit in the trunk), consists of several large bomb-like canisters plus other strange mechanics, all clustered together on a platform with wheels. I am instantly alarmed, yell at them — in my mind? in full voice? — “GET OUT, GET OUT OF THERE!” But they seem to be mesmerized by the contraption, which then, like a firecracker, ignites in one spot and starts slowly gathering energy. Then, all of a sudden, the contraption starts fissioning in a huge way, with massive black clouds billowing off it. I run to close all the windows, but it’s too late. The toxic black gas has penetrated the room, and I’m now covering the child with my body, knowing that it’s over, we are doomed, and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Question: how much is this nightmare simply based on my own personal fears, which originate from when I was two years old, listening to the radio with my war-widow mother and her relatives, as all of America — with the exception of my own small self — rejoiced for having set off a nuclear bomb on the city of Hiroshima. I woke up hearing the news of that attack, and I knew, intuitively:  the world will end in my lifetime.

And/or,  how much is my nightmare a message from the collective, heralding a prophecy that if we don’t switch timelines, and soon, then by the inevitable domino dynamic of “cause and effect” we are going to fulfill the prediction in last night’s dream that echoes the fears of my two-year-old self.

Here’s two more sane people’s responses to US/NATO’s recent insane decision to perpetuate the demonization of Russis. And see this, this, and this.

Paul Craig Roberts: 

Vladimir Putin Is The Only Leader the West Has

Robert Parry:

NATO Reaffirms It Bogus Russia Narrative

Question: How can the U.S. and other western “leaders” sleep at night, knowing that their propaganda is based on lies? How can Obama sleep, knowing that he puts the future of his own two teenage girls into extreme, heightened danger?

In my nightmare, what strikes me is the teenagers in the old beater car, out for a joyride, until they discover the contraption. Their curiosity to see what it is and can do is what does them — and us — in. I see the U.S. as a teenage monstrosity, driving its people and infrastructure into the ground like an old beater car with its incessant murderous military policies, strutting about on the world stage with more and better weaponized toys, curious to see what they can “do.”

I’m reminded me of a story my friend, cosmic peace activist Carol Rosin told me. Of sitting as one of the military industrial complex higher-ups at a table ten years prior to the first Iraq war. They were talking about their shiny new weapons, which they figured would be ready in about ten years, for testing. (In a manufactured war to murder human beings!) That’s what finally got to her. That’s what finally did her in.

I wonder what Putin’s next juditsu move will be. Something none of the idiots have thought of, I’m sure. Something from left field that throws the entire full spectrum dominance doctrine into disarray. ETs? 9/11 truth? Another demonstration like that for the Donald Cook in the Black Sea? Hillary emails? Oops! Just look at me, trying to figure it out. What a fool.

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